Jay Z And Barneys “A New York Holiday” Collection Is Flagrantly Expensive

Although the controversy surrounding the Jay Z x Barneys NY collaboration, entitled "A New York Holiday", has basically overshadowed the clothing themselves, the collection dropped yesterday regardless of public opinion. For those who don't know, the offering features a host of collaborations between Jay Z and some of Barney's best men's labels, including En Noir, Acne Studios, Stutterheim, Balmain and Hublot, while 100% percent of the profits are set to be donated to The Shawn Counter Foundation. That's a great cause we fully support, but with clothes this laughably terrible and even more laughably expensive, we honestly don't know who is going to buy this stuff. Whenever a pop culture figure is attached to designer clothing, you can basically guarantee that the shit is going to be flashy and gauche, but this stuff takes it to another level. For real, there is a $58,000 Dicky Ovens crocodile skin leather jacket. VERY FEW PEOPLE EVEN BUY RICK OWENS'S DIFFUSION LINE DRKSHDW SEMI-STRUGGLE LEATHERS. There's also $1000 Balmain T-shirts with leather epaulettes. Do people even like epaulettes that much to begin with? This entire partnership is basically a testament to the fact that you can't just hit the leather button on a whole range of stuff and just chalk it up to "Fashion". They even managed to brick the leather basketball shorts from En Noir, whose entire claim to fame is leather basketball shorts! That ridiculous ninja throwing star logo just won't get the fuck out of the way and it's a shame, especially in the case of the Stutterheim rain coat, which actually would be kind of tight with just those gold buttons. Again, we kind of hope people buy this stuff in the name of charity, but that won't stop us even for a second from making fun of anyone we see wearing this shit in the streets.



  • Dick Ovens

    Guarantee some of this shit becomes big in LA

  • yes

    looks like shit

  • Noah Dillon


  • LSP

    Did you guys just discover the word struggle

  • Dan

    It’s not all complete shit, definitely not the zenith of design but also not an entire En Noir collection.

  • queb

    Oh god that t-shirt with epaulets? Words cannot describe how much I hate 2013 Jay-Z.

  • Krissi

    It’s not a BAD collection. Some pieces are really nice. Def overpriced for his “fans” but I’m sure theyre not the target market for this collection.

  • J C

    *Drops head*

  • meow

    The Moncler puffer is the only piece worth copping.

  • mikeike

    trash, cant they see minimalism is IT right now, gaudy af

  • cozyKev

    i thought rocawear was terrible enough to ensure the world would never let jay z make clothes again

  • Colby

    The comedy in this is (all offense) New Yorkers would be proud enough to cringe at the look of this collection as we do and still go broke for that Green Ranger remix jacket http://www.cultureblues.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Green-Ranger-flute.jpg

  • ElCommento

    I don’t get the hate, I thought Four Pins loved pretentious, wildly overpriced status symbols. Am I missing something?

  • thib

    omg that fuccin tie hahaha no way