New Yorkers Are The Best At Wearing Really Awesome Rugged Gear To Ride The Subway

Motorcycle jackets are so fucking cool, man. I always see mad people in New York rocking motorcycle jackets. At first I was like, “Sensible choice, a motorcycle is way easier to park in the city.” And then I realized that New Yorkers are the best at wearing really awesome rugged gear to ride the subway. So yeah, you probably don’t have a motorcycle or a group of friends that carry switchblades and shit, but you can have a dope ass jacket. In particular, this Louis W. jacket that has a merino wool collar. And while your mom will be disappointed that you spent $2,205 on a jacket, she’ll be less disappointed than if you actually bought a motorcycle. Tattoos and motorcycles are pretty much your mom's worst nightmare.

  • MaG

    cats be tryna stick you for yo paper…you gotta stay rugged and raw in these streets. cats WILL stick you for ya paper though if you on the train rocking this joint. betta head over to Jimmy Jazz and cop the knock off of this for like $45 and call it a day.

  • Kevin

    I am 100% not a fan of dudes hair. I feel as though this man with the weird hair models (eh?) every single article of clothing that exists. I wish he would cut his hair, it haunts me.