The Official Nike Air Max Power Rankings

The Nike Air Max may very well be the most iconic sneaker line of all time. Straight up. Full stop. It's never going away. They’ve endured for almost 30 years and with the OG's spot in the limelight well-secured and new iterations released on the regular, there's no better time to look back and rank them from worst to best. (OK, except maybe "Air Max Day," but we missed that. Plus, AM Day was manufactured by Nike to sell more sneakers.).

To keep this list at a manageable length, we stuck primarily to the mainline Air Maxes listed on Nike Sportswear's website and added in a few notable gems from the complete list of Air Maxes (54 styles total) for good measure, in the interest of covering all the bases—from bricks to bangers and everything in between. Also, keep in mind that we're judging these on silhouette ONLY, colorways be damned, because nobody wants to read a list that long.

  • obh

    Skylar you been smoking crack or something most of this is completely the wrong order reassess your life

    • Carver Low

      Perhaps you just read the list in the wrong order fuckboi

      • obh

        Shut the fuck up Carver. I know how a descending list works you fucking parasite

        • Nerd

          “parasite” lol can i use that plz

    • yee

      yeah someone needs to change their life for not agreeing with your dumb shoe opiniion

      • obh

        stop sucking skylars dick and go fuck yourself yee

        • yee

          yo i think i’m gonna have to pass on that one. fag

  • Ryan Conrad

    Except if you’re judging based on silhouette only, any AM1’s released in the past few years wouldn’t even make this list. The shape has been butchered.

  • tinkwenice

    97s killed it. 96 sucked. this list is lame.

  • martytomas

    AM ’97 should be top 5…

  • brutus

    Air Max Plus: The go to sneaker for eastern european cab drivers since 1997

    • brutus

      or ’98

  • alby

    I hardly recognized the 95s with that shot pic. Of all the color ways…that one?? Not the classic grey / green? And playboy the 97s were / are / will be next level. Not down w this list.

    • Squizzy3k

      Beat me to the post, almost every pic he chose is an OG color-way why he used that pic for a 95 idk

  • Justin

    This list is infuriating. To start, good call on the 2000 (I had in all 3 colorways), the Stabs and the 98s. All very underrated. However, putting the Plus (the most hideous, egregiously guido air max to date, a true staple at Dolphin Fitnesses everywhere) at 2 discredits this whole list, and the addition of the 360 and the 2012 is absurd, as well. There is no way to leave the 1/90/95/97 out of the top 5. They DEFINE air max, and they are part of the reason Nike has remained so far ahead of every other sneaker brand for their entire existence. Finally, I don’t think anyone under 30 should even be permitted to make a list ranking the top 20 AMs of all time, being most bloggers were probably 7 years old when the 97 was released. Smh.

    • Lawrence

      eastbag users disagree with u justin lmao

      • Lawrence

        i mean eastbay lmao x 2

        • Justin

          eastbay is for poors. the starbucks of sneaker websites.

        • ©H¡¶ L∑M¶K∑ ™ ✈▲

          Oh shit…. Eastbay name drop. The nucleus of sneaker wisdom

      • martytomas

        Eastbag works too

    • benque

      “Infuriating”…just think about that.


    thats the nastiest am 95 colorway ive ever seen u couldve gone with anything but that

  • Truth

    How does someone who clearly knows very little about the topic find the nerve to write something like this?


    AM BW’s, 1’s, 90’s, 180’s, and 95’s top 5 bruh.

  • zupaloop

    the last thing I’m trying to do is go to a website and see the typical/predictable list we’ve all seen 100x over – expand your mind a bit. props for shaking it up a bit.

  • Kevin

    I’ve generally been a fan of your work thus far Skylar, but you bricked this shit homie.

  • FutureFourPinsWordsmith

    this list hurts my soul :( put me on the squad Lawrence! I’ll compile a truly god level list that would make even russ bengston drop 3 flame emojis in the comments

  • doomsbae

    Aside from the fact that you asked ‘Where the retros at?’ when the Air Max ’98 retro’d THIS YEAR, you placed the ’97 at number 16, and the cumdumpster ’93 at 3, so you’ve immediately demonstrated that you’ve probably never owned a single pair of Air Max in your life.

    Stay interning, Skylar, if they told you you’re anything else then they’re doing the Big World equivalent of letting you hold a wooden spoon while mom bakes the cake.

  • OK

    97 way misplaced

  • cls_65

    97s were off the chain and deserved a better ranking

  • Dean Melenko

    This list is fucking trash!

  • Dom

    i like the 97s but then again thats my opinion. :

  • Aristotle

    ayye don’t talk about naples that way fucboi

  • TaylorDeaton

    You picked THAT AM95 colorway to represent one of the most influential silhouettes of all time?? You’re tripping playboy

  • Sam Diss

    93s until forever.

  • Les Hampton

    As a true air max fan this should be put to a vote. Only one I can agree with is #1 we ask like max 1’s

  • Hyperstrike

    Air ball.