The Official Nike Air Max Power Rankings

The Nike Air Max may very well be the most iconic sneaker line of all time. Straight up. Full stop. It's never going away. They’ve endured for almost 30 years and with the OG's spot in the limelight well-secured and new iterations released on the regular, there's no better time to look back and rank them from worst to best. (OK, except maybe "Air Max Day," but we missed that. Plus, AM Day was manufactured by Nike to sell more sneakers.).

To keep this list at a manageable length, we stuck primarily to the mainline Air Maxes listed on Nike Sportswear's website and added in a few notable gems from the complete list of Air Maxes (54 styles total) for good measure, in the interest of covering all the bases—from bricks to bangers and everything in between. Also, keep in mind that we're judging these on silhouette ONLY, colorways be damned, because nobody wants to read a list that long.