Nike Vs. Adidas Heats Up Thanks To The World Cup

Nike is making major moves into a rival gang's home turf. With sponsorships of Cristiano Ronaldo, along with 5 other of the most marketable footballers players in the world, Nike is basically trying to convince all the cool kids to convince all you regular kids that they make the best soccer gear in the world. And, would ya look at that, it seems to be working. While Adidas's sales are still strong, and the German company will remain the official match ball for the 2014 World Cup, Nike is actually outfitting more teams this year. Nike may be feeling itself thanks to its increasing market share in what can be seen as the world's most popular sport, but Adidas can still be like, "NIKE, IMMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT WE GOT YEEZY."

  • ConnecttheDOTX

    True, Nike scored more national team in this FIFA World Cup. But the questions here are, “Is any of the team worthy of winning the cup?”, which I will say no at the moment and ” how much did it cost them to sponsor teams like France and England?
    While Nike wins at national team sponsorship they have lost club teams like Arsenal to puma and they are on the verge of losing Manchester United which Adidas is doing whatever they can to secure that deal because it’s Manchester United.
    All that said, I think Yeezy should be the least of Nike’s problem. Nike should worry about the next big thing.

  • Sneaker Theater

    Nike has one more team than Adidas, and the four teams projected to win the WC are all Adidas teams. Its about quality not quantity. I will admit Nike is beating in marketing like they always do, but Adidas will still remain on top if only for a few more years.

  • London Calling

    adidas’ jerseys for the World Cup are straight trash. Nike got the Germans beat from a sartorial standpoint. I mean, the new Roma home jersey? C’mon…it’s beautiful.

    Nike’s designs are so much nicer than adidas’. Thank God Liverpool are sponsored by Warrior now.