Nike White Label Is Justifiable

I know we just told you about this Nike White Label crew, but this collection is just too good to not share the entire thing. While Moy is pretty much correct in saying that high prices are only determined by demand and marketing, Nike's White Label collection is in fact made in Italy, which probably has something to do with its decidedly not cozy price tags. Also, the name "White Label" makes me think of cocaine and cocaine is expensive, so there's that. But, like, damn, $500 for a hoodie? $125 for a T-shirt? Thom Browne prices up in this bitch. Though, at least with Nike you have things like "performance" and "technology" to fall back on when buyer's remorse starts to creep up on you. You can buy the entire Nike White Label collection from End Clothing.


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  1. Lipschitz

    Yo Jake,
    This reoccurring End Clothing name drop seems a little heavy on the “hook me up I blog homie”.
    Is there a Four Pins x End Clothing mashup I should be dipping into my 401K for?
    Will this be the reason my future offspring run around with crooked teeth?

    All love from Texas


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