No New Mandals

Footwear...made by far, so good, right? Time for the the bad news: they're mandals. I don't care where or how these were made, or how cool you think you're going to look wearing these with some dad jeans and a denim noragi, they're still pretty, pretty *Larry David voice* heinous. Think of us in this particular scenario like your parents when you were a kid. You'd ask them to do something and they'd say no. Then you'd spend 15 minutes coming up with some sort of ill barter shit like, "but I'll clean my room for a week!" before getting totally shut down once again. Eventually you realized that their sole purpose in life was to destroy yours. Right, back to us. No new mandals.


3 Responses to “No New Mandals”

  1. WolvesAteMyDad

    the reds are the only ones I could see anybody pulling off. Looks like Y-3 Orthapedics, which is kinda dope I guess

  2. rekab

    i love visvim’s shoes for the most part but these I dont get. They look like they are pretty secure with all the straps and shit for it to just slip on and off at the end of the day…. oh yea and the multi-hundred dollar price tag isnt too appealing either.


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