No One In The Entire Universe Cares

Thank god fall is coming back. I feel like we haven’t talked about White Mountaineering in ages. Sure, one of these new jackets is a little reminiscent of a Cabourn Cameraman, but don’t worry about that because you don’t own a Cameraman jacket and no one else you know does either. Do you guys know what the fuck is going on with that patch on the chest? Is it to hook shit to? I have no clue and it’s starting to bother me. I could Google it, but you assholes went INSANO showing off your knowledge and good taste in the comments when Angelo made a joke about not caring who Flying Lotus is, so I know you’ll get crazy pedantic given the opportunity. Go for it. Just remember, no one in the entire universe cares.

  • zevlovex

    we ‘assholes’ went ‘INSANO’ because angelo wrote a shit article and finished with the flourish of insulting a great musician

    • Andrew Cotter


  • pleasetakemeseriously

    hehe you dudes write shit articles on a blog for a living. “Oh man you see that new polar fleece…holy cow you hear about those new nike airs so clean”…ahhhhh. ya you’re right no one cares.