Non Sequiturs And Snorefests

This Herschel x New Balance holdall has a paisley lined shoe compartment, which is pretty dope if you're a Crip on the low. Some people complain I rely on too many non sequiturs around these parts. But I'd like to see you come up with something to follow "paisley lined shoe compartment" that isn’t just a snorefest summary of how convenient it is to be able to keep your shoes in the bottom of your bag. Also, good luck picking just one extra pair of shoes to travel with. I went to Florence with a bunch of bloggers and you can imagine how quickly the closet space in a renaissance era apartment disappeared amongst peak lapels, egos and gloves that are never worn, only positioned.

  • David

    Someone should make a hat where the bill zips out of the crown like in photo 5. same colors and patterns. It will be a success.