Not Erasing 500 Years Of Awfulness

These visvim shoes strike the perfect balance between two of menswear's favorite styles—the boat shoe and moccasin. visvim calls these their "Yucca Mocs," but I like to think of these more as shoes of peace and unity, which would by my estimation be the exact opposite of American history. Think about it, 500 years ago, Europeans came to North America on what? BOATS. When they arrived, they found an indigenous people whom amongst their many awe-inspiring feats had created the world's most comfortable shoes aka MOCCASINS. Don't get ahead of yourself, these shoes, while dope, by no means erase the subsequent 500 years of awfulness that ensued. To imply such would be simply ridiculous.


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  1. Dave s

    These shoes don’t erase shit. Why don’t you buy a pair made by ACTUAL native Americans like I have, not by JAPANESE folks who put the outrageous sums they charge back into THEIR economy. And they know nothing about what it means to be a Native American nor their plight. As someone who’s been to every major pueblo in the southwest and seen these people And their appalling living conditions for myself, I can tell you it’s time to get off your Asian soapbox and get a clue!

      • Dave s

        I know it’s hard to believe, but like everything doesn’t have a link. You might actually have to go somewhere outside and get em’ like I did like Arizona or New Mexico. If that fails try the Googs. And like, show some respect to Actual American Indians .

        • andre

          Hard to find legit Native-American made mocs. Since i also live on the other side of the Pacific , traveling to Arizona or New Mexico for a couple of mocs, ain’t an option.


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