Not Your Average OMG SPORTCOATS GUYZ Snorefest

It's almost every other day that you hear about a boring ass menswear paint by numbers label launching with the same old "we're different than all the other guys!" rhetoric. We may ignore that shit, but that's not to say we don't see that shit. But today is not that day. Founded by former Esquire's "Best Dressed Real Man In America," Wale Oyejide, Ikire Jones is not your average OMG SPORTCOATS GUYZ snorefest. Oyejide is a dude of many talents, one of which is being able to merge the tailoring world with his own—all of his garments are discreetly lined with wax-printed West African prints, a semi-subtle ode to his heritage. The jackets are all handmade in Brooklyn and Philadelphia by the same guy behind Raval & Knight so you know this shit is legit. Can I wear one of these joints if I'm Asian?

  • MaG™

    yes. the answer is yes, daniel. but, you gotta wear a durag too.

    • Daniel So

      been there done that.

      • MaG™

        your G pass has been renewed for eternity.

  • JawDropper

    This shit is TOO fly yo! GOTDAMN

  • eric t

    weird roped shoulder

  • V

    this some Brother Mouzone stuff


    only see 1 (picture 6) print that looks vaguely like the “original” superwax print , the more square/geometric prints in yellow/black/green color scheme hail from elsewhere..

  • joey

    he needs to chill a bit with the serious faces