New York City Street Style: November 25, 2013

Ben Ferrari is a photographer living in New York City. You can see more of his photography at Style No Chaser and follow him on Twitter here.

  • booboobb

    lol #25 is an intern at my company

  • Stone Cold

    Is that fat guy in the toggle coat really worthy of a pic in this. I know he owns CSC and all but come on he looks v. Wack

  • Sam Cutty

    The dude with the blue trench coat and scarf is killin it. Super dope style!

  • Anthony Sykes II

    Look of dudes look exactly the same. Wasn’t sure if I started over at number 1 or what.

  • queb

    So many of these outfits were nice until the dudes over-accessorized the shit out of them. There’s a fine line between having great style and being a probably-virginal clothing nerd. That said a couple of the looks are really nice.

  • arman_moeini

    this is brilliant. great work.

  • did you notice

    v Jake Gyllenhaal beard & schnoz steez on slide 14.

    Anyone know where to cop?

  • did you notice

    All in all, more interesting and varied than usual.

    Except for walking weenis aka slide 24

  • 3deep5u

    29 ruined it with the red toms. The fuck du?

  • Booger Snitzler

    Finally a good street style post.

  • roxymusic

    converse one star. I still have 2 paris bring this shoe back