New York City Street Style: September 15, 2012

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GeorgeĀ Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Person

    What watch is it that the guy in the yellow suit is wearing?

    • George E

      It’s vintage. Omega 1960 make.

  • tariq

    what kind of coat is the guy in slide 6 with the givenchy tee wearing?

    • George E

      No idea. It’s tough, though.

    • brayan

      that’s not a Givenchy shirt, thats Will Fry. Know your shit.

  • Tjay

    That blue and that yellow suit.. Lord have mercy they just look too clean.

  • Bundlez

    I can’t decide which guy killed it more, the dude in the yellow suit or the guy in the coat and Givency tee.

  • DrCox

    what kind of matter the trench in picture 1 is made of?

  • henry behar

    what type of suit is that yellow one