#Menswear Obituaries

Remember a few years ago—think hard, the memory's probably repressed—when our Blogspots clogged undersea Internet cables with the words "buy less, buy better"? We thought: "Look at all this timeless Americana, ma. I know those Quoddy boat shoes cost four Benjamin Franklins, but I can wear them the rest of my life." We were so full of shit that if we got an enema we would've fit into a matchbox. No, ace boon coons, we grew tired of that look. Our eyes wandered. The style gland, like the stomach, wants a varied diet. "Buy less, buy better" turned into "buy better, flip later," and all our old trends have been laid to rest in the graveyard of our closet floors, or given a Viking funeral down the East River. So, let's look back, now, on #menswear’s fallen trends a la the buzzkill portion of the Oscars.

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • rxin


  • a

    you guys will be over timbs in three months anyway

    • Theo

      That’s because in three months it’ll be June.

    • pelle7

      I’ve had mine for ten years, maybe not the trendiest, but will always look at least OK in my book. Plus the quality is awesome.

  • Dan Noir

    i seriously have no idea why everyone hates on messenger bags

    • Nerd

      postman pat cosplay is not swaggy

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        saying swaggy is not swaggy

    • pelle7

      agreed. functions always comes first in mens style imo. I use a tote at the moment, but sometimes use my messenger bag as well. that specific one in the slide show wasn’t that pretty though.

  • WAVY

    Apart from the leather jogging pants, the mewlery and the fashion parody stuff, the rest is really just classic styles played the fuck out… They’re not dead they’re just hibernating IMO

  • patricia estrella

    i wish fashion parody tees never existed

    • Patrick Estrello

      I wish you never existed

      • Howle

        . .

      • patricia estrella


    • Eddie Lewis

      Are you asian?

  • Diabolus ex Machina

    “Still out here eating” made me chuckle.

  • sven

    half of these things could be put into a seperate post called “Williamsburg circa 2011″

  • Lol

    Why y’all hatin on red wings? Y’all need to stop listening to kids bop.

  • Anon

    Style Girlfriend readers are fucked.

  • yduran

    The kitschy all over print has taken over for the parody tee and it’s almost worse. At least a few of the parody tees were clever. (Key word~ few)

  • mileystongue

    clearly some of them are fads like mewelry and leather jogging pants but the other items such as messenger bags and bowties are classics, they lie low from time to time.

  • apl1986

    you guys forgot streetgoth/all leather everything and all things givenchy esq….R.I.P

  • bryant2leo

    Redwings,they will never go away.true blue collar.not a fashion accessory.

  • Marc

    Red Wing boots? Dead? Nah.

  • porninmotion

    This is some funny shit.