Odd Fellow Spring/Summer 2014 Takes A Dump On Everyone (And In Their Own Pants)

Odd Fellow Company is the brainchild of Casey Oney (Creative Director of Draught Dry Goods) and Aaron Settlemier (of Settlemier’s Jackets), offering varsity jackets, crew necks, tanks and some decidedly massive dookie handling sweats. Peruse the SS 14 line, so you can wait a whole year before you can even try and buy this stuff. Waiting a year for anything only makes you want it more, especially when it backfires and you end up forgetting about it and blowing all your disposable income on end of season sales. Although, for future reference, I got dibs on the sweatshirt. If you buy it in a year, you’re copying me, COPYCAT.

  • Nick Grant

    omg jon moy if you dont quit stealin shit from my tumblr im going to smother you in your sleep and make it look like a regular ol’ Detroit 187

  • aaronmela


  • liamout

    tasteless drop crotch.. so gross

    • Caesy Oney

      Literally use the same words when describing its attributes.

  • Notafuccboi

    The jackets are soap on a rope dope

  • Mturman3

    I agree on the sweatshirt. How much ya’ think that will run? More than $500?