The Official Stan Smith Power Rankings

When Adidas announced that they were bringing back the Stan Smith back in January, we kind of just shrugged and said, "Uh, okay, cool." Stan Smiths have always been a fine sneaker, but never exceptional. For the #menswear set, they were always kind of like what people who didn't feel like dropping $400 on Common Projects Achilles bought, or just another sneaker in the pantheon of basic, albeit classic styles that bros wear.

But quickly it became clear that Adidas wasn't fucking around. They wanted the Stan Smith to be the sneaker of the year, and so far, it pretty much has been through the force of sheer will. It's been worn by their recent signees Pharrell and Kanye West, and has become the staple sneaker amongst cool fashion industry insiders, from designers Pheobe Philo and Adidas collaborator, Raf Simons, to your favorite editor. Through a literal downpour of collaborative efforts as well, Adidas has made sure that everyone at every taste level and price point imaginable can find the Stan Smith for them.

This influx has also emphasized the fact that Adidas has absolutely no chill, putting out some pretty terrible and weak ass versions of what might be its most iconic silhouette in the process. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to rank these releases in an effort to definitively determine the best of the best because that's just what the fuck we do.

  • scott

    the raf stans are lame sorry OG or bust



  • lado

    the primeknit and the OG’s are the only ones that don’t suck….the reptile print is hilariously lame, who still really thinks reptilian print is the move.

  • meow

    Keep on riding the dick.

  • 92

    raf stan smiths at the top

  • Frank da Plank

    Man, really? The tier strugs and the pre-re-releases are still good. I’m kinda tired of wearing the same old rotation of Nikes.
    Don’t get me wrong, the new Stan Smiths are fire, BUT, to say the old ones are not is pretty bold. These were huge back in the day and it’s fun to have that old school feel when you strutting around :)

  • Anton

    ahahah you used a picture of the pre-re-release gross ones for slide 6 😀

  • Riley Jones

    What’s different between the vintage and “OG” versions? Unless one is the Barneys release from fashion week last year, I’m pretty sure they’re actually the same UK version.

  • guest

    This is a busted ass list.

  • jt

    this is a pretty cynical write-up on a great sneaker.

  • Adam F

    how do you leave the ostrich version off the list? foul

  • Whoops

    the amount of nope in this article is astronomical