The One Instance It Paid To Refrain From Copping Point Blank

Yeah, I know, so we told you about a particular colorway of the Adidas Consortium Equipment Running Sport sneaker last week, but we didn't know they were also coming out in these more pared down, heater colorways. So, like, sorry if you copped those other joints point blank. We didn't mean to sandbag you like that, but we're probably going to hold out for the white/ black versions you see here when they drop at End on February 22. Is Adidas Consortium supposed to be, like, the three-striped counterpart to Nike's HTM or some shit? Too bad I can't name a single designer at Adidas that doesn't have the last name Owens, Simons, West, Scott or Rocky. That's probably why they went with the SAT vocab instead of some dope acronym.

  • stfumikep


  • Stacey Augmon

    The past tense of pay is paid unless you’re referring to the sealing a wooden ship.

  • NP10

    FUCK really should have held out for the white/black

  • Dennis

    The EQT line is grail level for a lot of folks. Stick with the OG green colorway.

  • bitcheslovethatshit

    if ur still coppin nikes or addidas …just stop…stop before the swag gods disown you #reeboksthenewwavedummies