Someone With The Red Octobers Is Flexing All Over Instagram

October came and went without an official release of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red Octobers", which was wildly disappointing. But thanks to the flexing of @zyn0210, we can now say with (relative) confidence that they exist in real life outside of Kanye and his family. And to be honest, it's not like we wouldn't do the same if we were as lucky as this son of a bitch. That in mind, we can't decide if the fact that this dude is clearly a sneakerhead and has almost every other pair of hyped sneakers released this year is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, you know he must appreciate the shoes, but on the other, dude already has mad sneakers we want! In summation, fuck him. For everyone else who is still out here thirsting, head over to Complex Sneakers to learn everything there is to know about the potential official Red October release.

  • booboobb

    i dont know, maybe like the fact that he called them the red octobers doesn’t mean they will be released in october and are red… maybe its alluding to, you know, the famous story tom clancy story? But nikes being colored after artifacts from culture? nah, never…

    • KillaCamry

      Yeah bro I bet Kanye’s a huge fan of Tom Clancy. I bet he’s an even BIGGER fan of Sean Connery films.

      • booboobb

        yo dude lets collab! :)

  • k

    probably v wrong here, but with enough graphic design skill for box sticker etc. these could still potentially be fake, whether this guy knows it or not, seen a lot of ‘red yeezy 2s’ floating eBay and I v much doubt they’re real.

    • Mr.Deyamo

      This guy won one these in the Yeezy auction…..

    • smuj

      Nike has manufactured hella pairs. That’s why they had a release date set. People in the sneaker business know that the idea that they’re hard to get is part of the marketing. They really not that difficult to get if you have connections.

  • lawd

    Hold up, everyone, some guy on the internet is instagramming some pictures of shoes. What’s with this fucking website man…

    • Four Pins

      Then just stop reading. What’s wrong with you lol?

    • NeffDoeee

      Hold up, everyone, some guy on the Internet is complaining about hyped up items getting buzz on a fashion site. What’s with this fucking herb man…

  • OK_ok

    They´re shoes made out of cheap fabrics in a poor country.

    What´s the big deal?



    • Beardo

      you sound ignorant as shit the way you said those words… God bless you kid.

      • OK_ok

        No. Not at all.

        IGNORANT is when you buy a couple of sneakers solely based on the fact that their limited and Kanye wears them. THAT is ignorant, SON.

        God bless you and the rest of the hypebeasts SHEEPLE

        • Sir

          you actually used the word sheeple……………..

        • qwerty

          lol you can re-sell them later at a PROFIT if you can get your hands on it idiot…

  • Fifth Wall

    leather jogging pants bought especially for the shoot!

  • asivnkid

    I already saw like 10 people with fake yeezys on paris street
    idk if this ones real

  • Hyped orNot they’reFresh!

  • Real talk

    They are fake they dnt have that snake skin

    • dm00dz

      the red octobers dnt have snake skin, more of a plastic diamond shaped scale.

      • Steven

        guys, dnt argue pls.

  • Steven

    Size 9…What are you twelve years old?

  • GodDyhu Harrison




  • JRL

    The question is did Yeezy get his fuckin royalties!? Wait, why am I mad about it..