Opinions On Shit You’ve Never Seen In Real Life

Epaulet just answered all your prayers and candlelit offerings to Our Lady of Stuggalupe with their new tennis shoes. Handmade in Portugal with leather uppers, linings and a sole with 360 stitching, these might even give your favorite sneaker brand that uses serial numbers a run for their money, especially considering these sneakers will only run you $225. EUROPEAN-MADE LEATHER SNEAKERS FOR UNDER 3 BILLS? Someone at Epaulet got the plug. And don't start nitpicking these sneakers in the comments section. Reading some of your opinions on shit you've never seen in real life is like listening to Skip Bayless's opinions on athleticism.

2 Responses to “Opinions On Shit You’ve Never Seen In Real Life”

  1. BigSpense$

    ive never seen these in real life however i like them alot. good solid sneaker for the warmer months. I would steer clear of the all whites joints because it seems like every dude and thier better dressed girlfiend is on that stan smith common projects all white cool guy sneaker. i personally am feeling the black with gum sole the hardest. However ive never seen Celine Dion in real life but i know deep down in my heart i loathe her and everything she stands for.

  2. Austin

    Those coke white joints should be called Stan Projects or Common Smith’s… You get the fucking joke


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