All Other Outerwear Effectively Rendered Flame Retardant

Clothsurgeon just served up more fire outerwear because fuck what you heard, you can never have enough jackets. Unless you're my girlfriend, in which case, you've got way too many fucking jackets, gurl. Seriously, why do you need a brown fur coat, a black fur coat and a black coat with a brown fur collar? Anyway, Clothsurgeon just took a giant dump on my Uniqlo struggle MA-1's chest via this blackwatch model with leather details (make sure you pronounce that shit "di-tails" to really stress the sophistication). And that leather fishtail parka? FUUUUUU. All my outerwear was just rendered straight up flame retardant. Even the green suede MA-1 is just a steezier version of an Alpha Industries flight jacket as illustrated by its bright orange lining. Shop the Clothsurgeon Holiday Collection now at their online shop.

  • kim

    where i can find that blackwatch jacket? all of them are already sold out?

    • queb

      I just want to put it in my cart to see how it feels. Just for a minute.

      • Nerd

        This is the first step on a rocky road which eventually leads to shoplifting $40k crocodile skin jackets.

  • 92

    please post more affordable stuff to support the skruggle

  • Pape

    Is any of this stuff actually on their webshop, except the leather parka?