A.P.C. Opens New Los Angeles Store

If there's one thing A.P.C. does better than making you feel superior to everyone around you re: your taste in the simple, if fine things in life, it's design really beautiful stores. A few months back we interviewed Jean Touitou the gawd himself about the opening of their striking Bond St. outpost, and now, the French label has opened a new Los Angeles store on Melrose Place. Not only is it their first foray into the IRL shopping world of L.A, but it's the first A.P.C. location to feature an outdoor space, complete with Tumblr-approved succulents and natural light that is sure to make for some pretty epic 'Gramage. Like the Bond St. store before it, the Melrose location was designed by Parisian architect Laurent Deroo, who deserves all of the credit in the world because so much of what makes A.P.C. is its packaging and presentation.

  • Andrew

    Isn’t there already an APC store in West Hollywood? It’s been there for quite a few years already.

    • Fred

      Yeah, they had a smaller store on Melrose. The new location is just across the street and larger.

  • Duece

    Laurent Deroo is the name of someone who smashes a lot of putang.

  • chris

    Stopped by the other day, and its spacious and real nice. Apparently APC is going to open up their old location as a store to sell their older stuff (from what one of the workers said) Can someone confirm if this is real?