A.P.C. x Carhartt Fall/Winter 2013 Proves Just How Much You Really Love Understated Basics

A.P.C. and Carhartt are back with a new collaboration to prove just how much you really love "understated basics" this fall. There's a logo T-shirt in the mix that I'm sure a lot of assholes will buy and wait in line for, but I'm more interested in the corduroy chore jacket and watch that has numbers that are out of place because Jimi Hendrix and workwear and France and stuff I think? I don't even remotely try to comprehend Jean Touitou anymore. What I'm getting at is that every man needs at least 16 chore jackets. One to go with raw denim, one to go with black jeans, one for sweats, etc. Them shits are even better than button up shirts in my opinion. See, you can't really wear shirts back to back. Even if you think people won't care, they will. They'll talk about you and say you're smelly. Chore jackets on the other hand, can be worn under outerwear or over a T-shirt for, like, 11 days straight without anyone thinking shit.

  • Austin

    Thank you for being the single site to post the full collab, even if your guys’ click through arrows are next level unwieldy…

  • boye

    2 of 38 > …

  • queb

    Here’s hoping the prices are more Carhatt than APC

    • BadRed

      GQ posted them prices and they are, well, not so good.

  • BadRed

    When it’s available and where?

    • boye

      18 october

      • BadRed

        “October 17 at A.P.C. stores and online at apc.fr.” You want to set me back, did you?

  • nonsense

    LOL This looks like the Gap a few season ago.