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We Can Do This Together

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 4:42pm

Are you guys on the fanny pack tip yet? Please come joint me. You do realize that you don’t wear these expensive fanny packs around your waist, right? God, it’s like you guys never been to Japan or follow any ...


Private Investigators

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 3:47pm

I love long, lightweight parkas like this Phigvel jawn because they fit into the fictional narrative I’ve created about living in Northern England where I assume it rains all the time. Sometimes I think about being a cool drug dealer, ...

supreme vintage

Rare 1999 Bape/Supreme Collaboration GearWill Be Available At A New York Pop-Up Later This Month Updated

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 2:44pm

Here’s a fucking weird one for you. Byronesque, a New York vintage authority, is arranging a pop-up shop that runs from May 19th to June 5th that includes a campaign with the likes of Marina Abramovic and Rick Owens’ wife ...



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Thu, 05.14.15 at 2:25pm

A. Four makes these nylon “Easy Pants” and they are pretty on point. They do come with a fairly specific set of rules though: 1. You gotta sag them. 2. You gotta wear at least two chains with them. 3. ...


Slow Your Fucking Roll

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 1:54pm

Before you even think about dropping your hottest #actually in the comments, slow your fucking roll. Yes, these Padmore & Barnes shoes look exactly like Clarks Wallabees because Padmore & Barnes made Wallabees from 1964 to 1987. So fucking relax. ...


Tim Coppens Goes The Distance

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 1:37pm

I have such an affinity for Tim Coppens and his weird tech Euro design ethos. I’m known on this side of the office for my track pants selection, which Timmy is a strong proponent of, so I feel like we ...

Aimé Leon Dore for Puma

Aimé Leon Dore x Puma

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 12:38pm

Aimé Leon Dore and Teddy Santis got a nice Puma collaboration on deck that really speaks to the ALD aesthetic in the perfect way. It’s a simple, no frills, low-top take on Puma’s classic “States” remodeled with some integral pieces ...

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Raf Simons Talks Dior And What Could Have Been If He Took Over Balenciaga And Givenchy

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 12:16pm

Raf Simons’s debut couture collection for Dior in 2012 is already a part of fashion lore. I mean, the occasion even got its own documentary, which you should absolutely watch if you somehow haven’t already. Now, we’re three years into ...


The Four Pins Guide To Swagging Out Your Dog

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 11:50am

It’s a known fact that dogs are the Air Yeezys of the animal kingdom. Dogs are loyal, cute and because they’re dependent upon you for food, water and shelter, they literally have to love you. It’s like having a mandatory ...

unionmade archive sale

UNIONMADE’s Crazy Archive Sale Is On

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 11:25am

San Francisco’s UNIONMADE has built a minor reputation on the fact that it has some of the craziest sales toward the end of each season. Stock gets marked down like mad and proceeds to fly off the shelves. Keep in ...