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affordable luxury

“Accessible Luxury” Is The Best Thing In Fashion Right Now Even If It Really Doesn’t Make Sense

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 3:37pm

Over at The Independent we have a nice essay about the world of “accessible luxury” brands and the booming business they’re currently experiencing. For those who are too afraid to cop the most avant garde designs from high-end designers or just ...


Hayden Christensen In Jumper, Low-Key Style Icon

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 3:03pm

Guys, I’m gonna let you in on a little insight into yours truly. I kinda like that kinda terrible move Jumper. It’s about a guy who can teleport all over the world. The movie itself isn’t that great and the ...


Sometimes A Little Self-Awareness Can Save You

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 2:14pm

You guys ever get bummed when you shop on Gentry? I do. Sometimes, somehow, I have enough cash in my bank account to actually purchase garments from the shop, but then I realize I won’t look as dope as the ...

american apparel going under

American Apparel Will Likely Shut Down In The Next Year

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 1:59pm

In our ongoing American Apparel Is Going out of Business series, we have what feels like the death knell. The Los Angeles Times reports that American Apparel will likely be finally closing its doors within the next 12 months. Here’s the ...


All Aboard The Big Ass Hat Train

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 1:27pm

Guys, I’m all aboard the big ass hat train for this fall and winter. Why? Because Future’s been wearing big ass hats and he looks so fucking cool. Now, I realize that we’re just normal men and Future is fucking ...

balo 3

Mario Balotelli’s New Puma Cleats For Kids Need To Be Set On Fire

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 12:58pm

We don’t delve into the world of sports too often, but this one is too much. According to Footy Headlines, these are a new Mario Balotelli-inspired soccer shoe made with the kids in mind. They’re youth-sized shoes, which is fortunate ...


Sure, Taking Shots At Cargo Shorts Is Easy, But Swagless Alternatives Are Not The Answer

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 12:35pm

Look, I get it, making fun of dudes for wearing cargo shorts is super fucking easy. Take this BuzzFeed list that excoriates all cargo short wearers and pleads with the reader to wear any other type of shorts in lieu ...


Victim Fall/Winter 2015 Is A Flawless Victory

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 12:07pm

Japanese brand Victim is really with the shits. Good gracious golly gee goddamn, F/W 15 really lined up the shot in its crosshairs and hit the target right between the eyes for that flawless victor. Guys, this is really fan-fucking-tastic ...


Everything We Know About Supreme’s New Design Director, Max Vanderwoude Gross

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 11:30am

With the news that Brendon Babenzien was leaving his post as Supreme’s design director to relaunch his own clothing brand, Noah, it meant that his work at Supreme would obviously be coming to an end very soon. As Supreme dropped ...

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.21.54 AM

Take A Look Inside The David Casavant Archive

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 10:52am

Remember when we talked to David Casavant, the foremost Raf Simons and Helmut Lang collector this side of anywhere? Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to actually explore the archive in-depth because deadlines. But Quartz did the damn thing and ...