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All Primeknit Everything

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Wed, 07.22.15 at 12:19pm

Adidas is really out here trying to fuck up our commas. The company has clearly learned that it should just put Primeknit on everything and, just like that, everybody in their right mind will cop. Which must be why it ...


Siki Im Wins U.S. Woolmark Prize

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Wed, 07.22.15 at 11:44am

Fashion awards tend to take a minute to come to fruition. Back in April, the nominees for the regional Woolmark Prizes were announced and just last night the U.S. portion of the competition took place. The big homie, New York’s own ...

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Just Fuck Me Up, Fam

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Wed, 07.22.15 at 11:38am

Sandals are probably the most hotly debated topic in menswear I can think of. You could throw shorts into the ring as well, but when you tread into discussions over the idea of grown ass men wearing open-toed anything, that’s ...


Chronicling All The Garbage Celebrities Promote On Instagram

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Wed, 07.22.15 at 11:17am

If you follow anyone of note on Instagram, Four Pins notwithstanding, you’ve surely seen someone peddle ridiculous shit. No matter what A-Z list you’re on as a celeb, there’s A TON of money to be made off pushing products to ...

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Norse Projects Fall/Winter 2015 Just Wants Us To Be Happy

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Wed, 07.22.15 at 10:35am

While we were all paying attention to clothing and weather that won’t hit for another six to seven months from now, Norse Projects was back in the lab, with a pen and a pad, tryna get this damn F/W 15 ...


Larose Paris Has Green Fingers

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 5:29pm

Our homie Isaac Larose not only helped get the Four Pins NYFW party into acceptable shape, but he also made some dope hats, which, to be fair, he has done many times in the past. But these come with a ...

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Getting Street Styled Vs. Getting Your Doctorate

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 5:00pm

These Viberg boots are in what I would call an “interesting” colorway. Some of you—we’ll call you the more “blunt” of our readership—may call the colorway “butt.” When you really think about it though, the rust color will totally compliment ...

Robert Geller

Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2016 Is Completely Unfair To The Competition

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 4:35pm

Any Four Pins post written about Robert Geller can basically be summed up in an all-caps sentence stating that Robert Geller is our best friend. That’s just how things go around here. He was in attendance for Alexandre Plokhov’s runway ...

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Harvey Nichols Puts Shoplifters On Blast In New Ad, Is Giving Away Stolen Goods

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 3:35pm

We’re a bit late to the party on this video, but there are more important details to add. See, despite what your college professors would have you believe, you can use missing deadlines to your advantage. London-based luxury store Harvey Nichols ...


Confident In Your Leg Game

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 2:45pm

LMAO like I’m fucking not gonna write about some fire baggy ass shorts from Blue Blue Japan. You can keep your pants, fam. I wear shorts all the time because I’m confident in my leg game. My calves have been ...