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Live That Burg Lyfe With McDonald’s x Colette

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Wed, 04.22.15 at 2:12pm

Remember when McDonald’s kind of killed it with its Big Mac attack clothing line a few weeks ago? That shit was wildfire. Well, the Golden Arches is jumping back into the clothing game with a limited edition capsule collection that ...


$310 New Balances LMAO

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Wed, 04.22.15 at 12:55pm

Yes, I’m about to go there and write up these $310 New Balance 991s crafted from premium Horween leather. I’m fucking doing it and no one can stop me. I mean, I know Moy’s on the same page with this ...


The Plurality Of Opinion

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Wed, 04.22.15 at 12:36pm

Needles dropped these bonkers “Asymmetric Sneakers” and they’re pretty dope if you’re into bonkers sneakers. The ghillie-style lacing and the mismatched suede and canvas bodies make these sneakers just weird enough to be great. If you don’t wear these with ...


The Official Four Pins NBA Playoff Power Rankings

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Wed, 04.22.15 at 12:07pm

The NBA playoffs are in full swing as I’m sure you’ve heard from your mildly racist coworker, Phil, who insists college basketball is better because they try harder. Listen, Phils of the world, college basketball is a dope way to ...

brain activity

Shopping Designer Gear Is Messing With Your Brain

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Wed, 04.22.15 at 10:59am

We’ve all had this experience before when we come across an extremely nice piece of clothing. Our brain reacts and trying it on feels as good as finishing a five mile run does. It’s fucking incredible, even if the price ...


A #Menswear Diet Journey

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Wed, 04.22.15 at 10:48am

My doctor couldn’t convince me to go on a diet, but my Wings & Horns pants did. There I was, in the sterile dishabille of a knee-length paper smock they stick you with during physicals, when he walked in, eyes ...


Don’t Cede Your Title

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 5:24pm

I’m really feeling the crewneck (crew neck? crew-neck?) this season. I guess I’m constantly feeling the crewneck because it’s just a really simple and easy thing to throw on. But you can’t just have any crewneck because, like, everyone has ...


The Point Of A Linen Parka Is That There Is No Point

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 4:25pm

It rained all day yesterday and most of this morning, so it’s safe to say that “April showers” are a real thing and need to be taken care of. In a normal world, you’d be told to get something water-resistant like ...


Blame Pete

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 3:34pm

The first time we wrote about Blurhms, the god and would-be Four Pins contributor Pete Anderson talked about how the name sounded like a battle and concocted this whole thing about the fictional battle of Blurhms. Here’s a little origin ...


Jesus, Take The Card

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 2:37pm

You guys remember that time I sat kind of behind Jerry Lorenzo at the Robert Geller show? Well, in the movie version of my life, we sit right next to one another and, afterwards, politely discuss the highlights of Geller’s ...