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How Simon Spurr Lost His Name

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 10:53am

Simon Spurr was a burgeoning menswear designer just a few years ago. He cracked GQ‘s Best New Menswear Designers in America series in 2008 and became known for his strong denim program, but suddenly, three years ago, he lost control of ...

fake guccis

$1 Million In Counterfeit Handbags Seized In Miami

Written by
Thu, 08.27.15 at 5:41pm

OH HELL YEAH. I was worried we would have to go an entire week without another counterfeit merchandise story. But lo and behold, the customs team down in Miami was on top of shit, seizing more than 2,300 fake Gucci ...


Doing Wonders For Your Posture

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 3:16pm

Wow, this Moncler down shirt jacket is a great length and the big fuzzy patch totally gives off the cool kid at prep school vibes. Like, he comes from a line of wealth so long Hubble can’t see its beginning, ...


SHOCKER: Nope, Not Everyone Is Getting Yeezys

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 2:41pm

The hype cycle surrounding limited products has become the Ouroburos of men’s fashion and, specifically, sneakers. Companies famously tease a release to the point of disgust only to have manufactured so few of them that they’re impossible to actually get. ...

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Gosha In Its Natural Habitat

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 2:08pm

For the recent shipment of Gosha Rubchinskiy F/W 15 arriving in its shop, Notre enlisted some folks to display the clothes in their natural habitat: skateboarding on the streets. Stores constantly want to display their new gear in their own ...

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Instagram Is Getting Rid Of Square-Only Photos, Fit Pics Immediately Improve

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 1:33pm

Are your fit pics on Instagram terrible because you’re forced to constrain yourself to the 1×1 aspect ratio of the square photo? Do you hate having to download third party apps just so your fly gear pops up into the ...


Pair With A White Tee And Flip Phone

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 1:17pm

Now these are some OG track pants, some “I might not sell heroin, but I definitely know at least three guys that work on boats that smuggle it into the city,” track pants. They even have the stirrups on them, so you ...


That Period In Your Life When You Finally Calm Down

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 12:17pm

Stephan Schneider makes clothes for that period in your life when you finally calm down. As in you have completely shut down most of your competitive instincts, you stop letting social norms pressure you into careers and jobs just for ...


Looking Like The Way Hollywood Portrays Writers

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 11:39am

Oh man, imagine the feeling you’d have whist gliding into your one friend that has a backyard’s bonfire party that’s really just a charcoal grill on the ground and some twigs burning while wearing this Simon Miller wool coat. Yeah, ...

slekoe new shop

Karmaloop’s Greg Selkoe To Come Back With New Online Store

Written by
Thu, 08.27.15 at 11:20am

Karmaloop exploded and collapsed like a fucking brown dwarf star. After telling us that Karmaloop wasn’t going anywhere, Greg Selkoe’s streetwear site was eventually acquired by a Chicago-based company CapX—which Karmaloop owed $30 million to anyway—for an undisclosed amount. Now ...