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The Body That Cheetos Built

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 4:58pm

I could not for the life of me tell you why this shirt from the gawd Yohji Yamamoto is worth $1280. I really can’t. But it is dope and if you have such large amounts of expendable income—whether through hard ...

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Pre-Apocalypse Down Payments

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 4:00pm

The Flat Head makes this Delraiser jacket and it is the definition of fucking nice. What does almost two grand get you in a leather jacket? A bunch of production and finishing details that you don’t really understand, but parrot ...


Chapter Spring/Summer 2016 Requires Reflection

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 3:37pm

Do you guys prefer lookbooks where dudes are just standing on a seamless in a photo studio or editorials where you can barely see the clothing, but the scenery is dope af? I suppose that’s a trick question and sort ...


Tragic Notions Of Hubris

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 3:10pm

This is my new favorite anorak. I actually was going to write about it earlier, but then didn’t on the off chance I was going to actually buy it. The fact that I’m writing about it now is just proof ...


Rains Fall/Winter 2015 Is Location Sensitive

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 2:53pm

How many times do we need to inform you that supposedly faux pas color combinations like black and brown are actually fire and you should wear them as much as humanly possible? This is the last straw because even aptly ...


Barely A Nod In Your Direction

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 2:18pm

Baggy pleated trousers are my preferred trouser for summer weather. Unless I’m wearing shorts, I need my lower extremities to be draped in loose cotton or I will be in a terrible mood for the duration of our interaction outside ...

thom japan

This Week In Cultural Appropriation, Featuring Thom Browne And Junya Watanabe

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 1:45pm

Four Pins mercenaries and Complex Style dudes Jian DeLeon and Nick Grant teamed up for a detailed verbal discourse about Thom Browne and Junya Watanabe’s recent S/S 16 shows, which were, to say the least, a bit problematic. Junya sent ...

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Watch A Mini-Documentary On Pigalle’s Stephane Ashpool

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 1:00pm

Pigalle is on the receiving end of a ton of press lately and this mini-documentary from Collect & Curate is another spyglass into the life of the brand’s founder and figurehead, Stephane Ashpool. The very insular nature of Pigalle, with ...

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No Shoe Zone

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 12:36pm

I don’t know about you guys, but my apartment is strictly a no shoe zone. I don’t actually tell anyone that, I just judge you if you don’t ask or instinctively keep your shoes on at my crib. My grandma’s ...

amazon fashion

Amazon’s Quest For Fashion Credibility Begins With NYFW: Men’s

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 12:00pm

With NYFW: Men’s on the horizon—less than two weeks!—now seems to be the right time to look at who is literally making it a reality. Without the money behind it, NYFW: Men’s would fall flat on its face and it’s ...