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Why The “Chicago” Air Jordan I Is The Most Iconic

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 10:47am

With the release this weekend, Complex Sneakers looked at the most iconic colorway of the Air Jordan I—the white, red and black “Chicago.” Every new Jordan release is pretty hyped up at this point, especially if it’s a Jordan I, but ...


Crucial Coolmesh

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Wed, 05.27.15 at 10:07am

This Maharishi sweatshirt is mostly loopback jersey cotton, but it has crucial Coolmesh panels. That means you get to be a modicum cooler than you would be in a regular sweatshirt. So whenever your friends are like, “You’re wearing shorts, ...


Exercises In Narcissism

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 5:11pm

I need a pair of linen pants like these Apolis joints, which means you guys get to read about my justification for purchasing a pair of linen pants. It’s fucking wedding season and wedding season means you gotta go to ...

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Just Say Yes To Drugs

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 4:57pm

Tres Bien, for all its sneaker prowess and expertise, is not the first place I think of to look for new kicks. It just isn’t. But sometimes I come across a random sneaker on there that other spots don’t have ...


Sometimes You Need More Than 140 Characters To Distract You

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 4:00pm

This Boris Bidjan Saberi jean jacket has a bunch of embroidery, an asymmetrical hem and a few other details I don’t want to spoil for you in case any of you guys are actually going to buy this $656 jean ...


Suck It, Captain Planet

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 3:20pm

Do you guys have any, like, environmental vices? I mean, other than relying on electronics to do almost literally everything you have to do for work, school and fun? Mine is air conditioning. I never had central air until I ...


Old Man Skills

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 2:59pm

Journal Standard made this jacquard patchwork cardigan extra special for UNIONMADE and it’s just visually interesting enough for me to justify another cardigan purchase. While my cardigan collection is slowly getting better and stronger, I think I should probably slow ...

nepenthes mag

Nepenthes: In Print Is Better Than Your Terrible Zine Idea

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 2:51pm

According to Fashion Press, the well-considered stylings of Nepenthes won’t just be solely on your computer screen moving forward, having just launched its Nepenthes: In Print magazine. The publication, released in tandem with its S/S 15 collections, includes an interview with ...


Is Band Of Outsiders Officially Done?

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 1:34pm

According to Fashionista, which has spoken to a few people within Band of Outsiders, the brand is “done.” The L.A.-based prep staple has laid off a majority of its staff and cancelled wholesale orders for its F/W 15 collection. BoO ...


Fashion’s Latest Inspiration: The Cold War

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Tue, 05.26.15 at 1:09pm

If you’ve been paying a reasonable amount of attention to the fashion world lately you may have noticed a few things on the overall trend watch: Androgyny is having a moment and classic, timeless pieces are the new look that ...