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Thief Steals Donated Handbag From Children’s Hospice Charity Shop Because Everything Is Terrible

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Fri, 07.31.15 at 10:51am

The things people will do, man. You’d think that we could go just a couple of days before the soulless rear their ugly heads. But, everything is terrible, so you’d be wrong. Case in point, a children’s hospice in London ...


Finger My Sweater

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 5:30pm

Mesh is dope, guys. I know you’re probably on the fence about mesh garments, but we didn’t steer you wrong when it came to bombers and long shirts now did we? Maybe we did, but guess what? We’re like the ...


Umit Benan Gets Ripped Off, Is Fed Up

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 3:11pm

Umit Benan is fed the fuck up. Apparently, another brand, ATCP, has wholesale ripped off the designer’s S/S 15 tennis court inspired graphic. That’s a pretty bold-faced copy. It’s not even a flip or an homage, but a straight up ...


Ain’t No In-Betweens In This World

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 2:54pm

Woven sneakers, contrary to popular believe, really don’t help much in the summer. At least for me they don’t. You’d think that the nature of a woven product would mean that a draft would blow through and give your piglets ...

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 2:09pm

This post was late because after watching this short film, Dressers, by Will Robson-Scott and The Rig Out for Weekend Offender, I just started Googling the UK Casual scene and the Cardiff City Soul Crew and just, like, FUCK, it’s ...


Chapter x United Arrows Is Elevated And Subtle

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 1:25pm

Chapter has been making some seriously solid garms lately and just teamed up with Japanese style haven United Arrows for a capsule collection that is available exclusively at Chapter’s website today and in-store at Monkey Time (seriously lol) of United ...


JCPenney Employee Wears JCPenney Shorts To Work, Gets Sent Home For Being “Too Revealing”

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 12:52pm

Guys, I don’t know what it is, but lately dress codes have been popping up fairly regularly in my inbox. In this case, JCPenney caught some flack for sending home a young employee because the shorts she was wearing were ...


Dope And Dramatic

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 12:29pm

I’m wildly into this coat from Norwegian Rain. Particularly, the removable storm flap. That shit is so dope and dramatic. I just want the weather to turn to shit permanently, with gray skies and rain and wind, so I can ...


New Documentary Explores The Bizarre World Of A Homeless Model

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 11:52am

Today, the New York Post shined the spotlight on Mark Reay, a 56-year-old model/actor/photographer living in New York who stars in and helped produce the upcoming documentary Homme Less that details his life of playing the wealthy silver fox, without ...


You Can Now Own A Piece Of Mad Men If That’s Your Thing

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Thu, 07.30.15 at 11:25am

Damn, we’re all about the auctions lately. Before we begin let’s just get something out in the open: Mad Men gets a little too much love for being “stylish.” Everything else being equal, the sheer amount of fashion blog posts ...