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thom japan

This Week In Cultural Appropriation, Featuring Thom Browne And Junya Watanabe

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 1:45pm

Four Pins mercenaries and Complex Style dudes Jian DeLeon and Nick Grant teamed up for a detailed verbal discourse about Thom Browne and Junya Watanabe’s recent S/S 16 shows, which were, to say the least, a bit problematic. Junya sent ...

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Watch A Mini-Documentary On Pigalle’s Stephane Ashpool

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 1:00pm

Pigalle is on the receiving end of a ton of press lately and this mini-documentary from Collect & Curate is another spyglass into the life of the brand’s founder and figurehead, Stephane Ashpool. The very insular nature of Pigalle, with ...

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No Shoe Zone

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 12:36pm

I don’t know about you guys, but my apartment is strictly a no shoe zone. I don’t actually tell anyone that, I just judge you if you don’t ask or instinctively keep your shoes on at my crib. My grandma’s ...

amazon fashion

Amazon’s Quest For Fashion Credibility Begins With NYFW: Men’s

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 12:00pm

With NYFW: Men’s on the horizon—less than two weeks!—now seems to be the right time to look at who is literally making it a reality. Without the money behind it, NYFW: Men’s would fall flat on its face and it’s ...

cnn sneakers

A Brief History Of Fashion Sneakers

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 10:57am

CNN of all places got in on the fashion sneaker action in honor of the Brooklyn Museum opening an exhibit dedicated to sneakers. I would embed the short video they posted up to accompany things, but CNN is real stingy ...


Supreme Has A Paris Store In The Works

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Wed, 07.01.15 at 10:18am

Adding to their already global roster of multiple Japan and London shops, Supreme has another spot outside the U.S. opening soon, specifically Paris. Skateboarder Mark Gonzales spilled the beans in an interview with Breaks that he is working on a ...


Legally Obligated To Call It A “Dress”

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Tue, 06.30.15 at 4:33pm

Are you looking for a long shirt, but all the options presented before you so far simply just aren’t long enough? Well don’t you fucking worry at all because Christophe Lemaire is here to give you literally the longest shirt ...


Pooping Outside On A Regular Basis

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Tue, 06.30.15 at 3:45pm

Snow Peak makes this jacquard indigo shirt with side pockets. Snow Peak gear always makes me want to live in a small converted shipping container on stilts in an old growth forest surrounded by small freshwater lakes and streams. But ...


Eleven Hundred Dollar Dopp Kits

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Tue, 06.30.15 at 3:24pm

This MMM dopp kit costs eleven hundred dollars. That means if you use this dopp kit for carrying around your Marvis and pomade you are a fucking chump. You gotta carry around extremely expensive, weird and rare narcotics in an ...


Miharayasuhiro Spring/Summer 2016 Is From A Parallel Universe

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Tue, 06.30.15 at 2:58pm

I’ve been a Miharayasuhiro fan since I saw a pair of his crazy mismatched brogues back in the day. I wrote about them on the blog I had at the time and even though I only had just really learned ...