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UPXUNDR Collection 1 Is Out Here

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Fri, 04.03.15 at 1:46pm

The homies at UPXUNDR have put out a few pieces of note recently, most specifically for our money, a pair of dope cargo pants because cargo pants are fucking back. According to creative director, Jon Manimtim, the brand has also ...


Nonnative Did A Summer 2015 Collection Too Because Why Not?

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Fri, 04.03.15 at 1:26pm

Here’s a weird one, guys. We covered nonnative S/S 15 back in November, but now, and this is assuming I’m not completely missing something here, the Japanese brand just dropped another collection. You’d figure it would be F/W 15, right? ...

skinny jeans and isis

If You Wear Skinny Jeans ISIS Might Throw You In Jail

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Fri, 04.03.15 at 12:42pm

Everyone’s favorite site that just makes shit up as it goes along—no, not Four Pins—the Daily Mail reports that if you’re around ISIS and you’ve got on skinny jeans, you are going to be thrown into jail. The Mail is ...

nyt uniforms

Are You Powerful Enough To Wear The Same Thing Every Single Day?

Written by
Fri, 04.03.15 at 11:59am

First off, no, probably not. Unless it’s the dress code for work or school, in which case, you’re the exact opposite of powerful. Get back to the fucking fryer, Eric. Secondly, FOUR PINS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES ALERT. The Times talked to ...

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Aimé Leon Dore Teases “NY Navy” Collection

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Fri, 04.03.15 at 11:21am

Teddy Santis has a knack for previewing and teasing his work in just the right way. His taste level in choosing backdrops, sets, styling and photography is easily some of the best in the business. Because his brand Aimé Leon ...


Do It For The Airport ‘Gram

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Fri, 04.03.15 at 11:13am

If you guys have even been paying a modicum of attention, you know that I fucking love backpacks that can be carried in decidedly non-backpack ways. Take for example this backpacker from Superior Labor. You could carry it like a ...

sneaker reseller

The Sneaker Resale Market Has Topped $1 Billion

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Fri, 04.03.15 at 10:47am

The subject of sneaker resellers is hot topic amongst anyone with a seriously interest in sneakers. You’ll get those who feel it’s a disingenuous undertaking that steals sneakers away from those who actually want to wear them or you’ll get a ...


Blasphemous On A Thursday

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Thu, 04.02.15 at 4:44pm

This jacket is called a “shirt-style jacket.” I feel like this is just a jacket made from shirting material, but I’m not gonna say anything more because Rough & Tumble is the brainchild of Daiki and Daiki is my god ...


Muji Is Permanently Reducing Prices On Tons Of Stuff

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Thu, 04.02.15 at 4:10pm

Are you a 20-something with a meager yearly salary that spends most of your money on clothes and is forced to use, like, paper plates and plastic forks for every meal? You probably are. But you probably still want your ...


Buy Yourself A T-Shirt That Announces To The World: “Oh It’s Fuckin Lit”

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Thu, 04.02.15 at 3:40pm

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Self, what the fuck is wrong with Jon? Is he seriously recommending a T-shirt with a fucking flame on it that costs 95 dollars?” But before you judge, why don’t you try and put yourself ...