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Transition Pieces

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 1:21pm

Show me a popover anorak in a muted color and I’ll show you an ill-advised credit card charge on my monthly statement. This particular popover from Still By Hand is a nice transition piece. You know, something you don’t really ...

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Unreliable Real Estate Experiences

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 12:37pm

This puffer by OAMC is just really cool if we’re being totally honest with one another, which I would encourage because that’s the foundation of any strong relationship. When it comes to winter and summertime, I really like to go ...


Man Sues Wife For Fraud After Seeing Her Without Makeup

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 11:46am

Yo, what in the actual fuck? Talk about a terrible honeymoon *dad laugh*. According to Emirates 24/7, a man in Algeria who just married his wife is suing her for fraud to the tune of roughly $20,000. The groom claims ...


J.Crew Is In “The Danger Zone” According To Analysts

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 11:11am

There are hundreds of “experts” out there who are willing to talk ad nauseum about basically anything. They’ll tweet about it—have you ever seen how many followers marketing people have?—and run blogs centered on some small sliver of their industry. ...


Simultaneously The Coolest And Most Nonsensical Thing In The World

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 10:37am

Dime is dope. But you already knew that. It’s not Palace and it’s not Supreme and it’s not even Bianca Chandôn, which is kinda what makes ’em special in the first place, ya know? If you hurry, you can still ...

atlanta thieves

Alleged Shoplifters Conveniently Claim They Thought “Tax Free” Clothing Was Just Free

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 5:25pm

“This was all just a big misunderstanding” isn’t something you usually hear outside of TV or movies, but this is one of those rare instance where life is out here imitating art. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two women were ...

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CWST Fall/Winter 2015 Covers Every Shade

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 4:48pm

We walked out of New York Men’s Day pretty impressed with CWST S/S 16. FYI, it’s pronounced “quest” for those who weren’t paying attention the first time around. And since that was our first real exposure to the brand, we ...


Two Sweatshirts For The Price Of One Fairly Expensive Eweatshirt

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 4:14pm

I don’t know how Our Legacy continues to be so weird, but so accessible for all these years. Are we just getting weirder? Who the fuck knows? I guess a reversible sweatshirt really isn’t all that weird per se, but ...


Dickies Construct x Broken Homme

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 3:44pm

I hadn’t heard of Broken Homme prior to seeing these Dickies Construct x Broken Homme boots. Turns out they’re not children of divorce, but an L.A.-based company that does mostly shoes and boots that are pretty sleek and not too ...


Envision Yourself Flowing Majestically Through Life

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 3:07pm

Yohji Yamamoto makes this shirt jacket hybrid thing, Totokaelo is selling it and all you have to do to thank them for their efforts is to pay $1,089. That’s a lot of money, but think about how dope you will ...