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The 25 Best Online Shops For Men

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Wed, 05.06.15 at 1:30pm

Let's get digital. ...


What In The Fucking Fuck Is Fuk Boi?

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Wed, 05.06.15 at 1:18pm

I’ve worked at Four Pins for a while now. I’ve gotten some weird emails from Lawrence for sure. And a lot of times these emails include links to sites that I can’t tell are jokes or serious or some strange ...

children of the comme

The Comme Des Garcons Family Tree Is Bountiful

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Wed, 05.06.15 at 1:07pm

The Comme des Garçons name is one of the strongest in fashion, probably qualifying as an empire by this point. Legendary fashion designer and CDG founder Rei Kawakubo is obviously at the head, but over the storied history of the ...

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Giorgio Armani Talks About His 40 Years In Fashion

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Wed, 05.06.15 at 12:37pm

I personally like to clown on old men, especially old men in fashion, such as like for example: Karl Lagerfeld hating everything, Kenneth Cole sucking at Twitter and Roberto Cavalli’s incredible blogging. And, sure, Giorgio Armani looks like a sweet ...


Expensive Bags To Transport Expensive Things

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Wed, 05.06.15 at 11:51am

I don’t really geek out about bags the way Moy does. Like, dude really fucking loves totes and shit. When he takes his bi-annual spiritual quest to New York Fashion Week and we hit up an event and there’s a ...

fashion tv

Why Fashion Television Hasn’t Worked

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Wed, 05.06.15 at 11:20am

You’d think that fashion, due to its visual and dramatic nature, would translate pretty damn well to the visual medium of television. And over the past few decades, there has been no lack of projects attempting to get fashion into ...


Slimming Down To A Japanese Medium

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Tue, 05.05.15 at 4:10pm

Oh shit, The Bureau Belfast got that exclusive shit from orSlow. Every time fatigue pants come up, some asshole is always like, “I’d be down, but I look goofy in baggy pants.” Fuck that noise, dawg. You need to get ...


Kapital Fall/Winter 2015 Is #Goals

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Tue, 05.05.15 at 3:38pm

The Ponytail Journal put up a bunch of shots from Kapital’s F/W 15 runway show in Hiroshima. Um, I don’t know about you guys, but I did not know Kapital did runway shows. Thankfully, now I have another item for ...


Maintaining A Strong Editorial Voice

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Tue, 05.05.15 at 2:58pm

How do you guys spell “Post Overalls“? Do you write out the whole word out or just rock with the “O’alls”? I spell it differently every time I write it because that’s how you maintain a strong editorial voice. Everyone ...


The Guy Fieri Dish Of Shirts

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Tue, 05.05.15 at 2:26pm

Damn, this Unused shirt combines two of my favorite shirt genres: band collars and western shirts. Then, they went ahead and sprinkled in some jean jacket. This is like a Guy Fieri *Drake voice* dish, but in garment form—just, like, ...