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Clothsurgeon Drops Jersey Fleece Essentials For Fall

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 10:37am

Clothsurgeon continues to expand its offerings, this time opting for an “essentials” approach with a small collection of Italian-knit jersey fleece pieces. There are four pieces in four different colors: hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, tees and pants in black, gunmetal, ...

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Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 5:35pm

There is no doubt in my mind that Rick Owens would have rather been born a horse than a human. Remember this video? Well, straight out of the nightmares you will most assuredly have now that you’ve watched it come ...


Dressing Like A Wealthy, Orphaned Socialite

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 4:39pm

I really like these trousers from Camo. Need Supply should let their men’s buyer come in, like, an hour late for a week straight as a reward for pulling the trigger on these pants. 100% wool trousers with a slight ...


JohnUndercover Spring/Summer 2016 Is All Very Breezy

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 4:01pm

You can barely call JohnUndercover a diffusion line, but it is a separate project for Undercover designer Jun Takahashi’s main line. It’s been around since F/W 13 and although it is attached to the Undercover name, it comes with a ...


So Boxy It’s Kind Of Unflattering, Which Is Exactly Why It Is Flattering

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 3:14pm

Acne always kills the so-boxy-it’s-kind-of-unflattering-which-is-exactly-why-it-is-flattering look and this big ass hoodie with side zips is no exception. That particular green and hood and overall tunic-like nature of this joint makes me think of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. When I ...


Wtaps Fall/Winter 2015 Goes Above And Beyond To Impress

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 2:36pm

Wtaps F/W 15 is another in the brand’s long line of military and workwear-inspired collections. I’m always going to be a fucking sucker for baggy fatigue pants and chore coats and a field jacket or two. They’re just so practical ...

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Teens And Their Group Selfies Are Apparently Spreading Lice

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 2:15pm

Everyone remembers those days in school when the nurse would walk through the halls, stopping in at every classroom to do a lice inspection. When you put hundreds of children in one place, it’s a guarantee that there is going ...


It’s All About The Process: A Conversation With LONGJOURNEY

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 1:15pm

LONGJOURNEY is one of those brands that flies deep beneath the radar. The L.A.-based brand has been around since 2012, but as most L.A. labels have taken advantage of the city’s strong denim manufacturing reputation, LJ has gone in a ...


F.C. Real Bristol Fall/Winter 2015 Will Empty Your Rec-League Team Budget

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 12:44pm

I enjoy the Nike and Sophnet F.C. Real Bristol collaboration mostly because it’s a totally made up soccer club. I enjoy a well-executed work of fiction finding its way into clothing and this one is pretty on point. Some rec-league ...


BuzzFeed Discover Eyebrow “Slits,” Embarrass Themselves As Per Usual

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Wed, 08.26.15 at 12:08pm

Heym did you guys know that the newest trend sweeping though cool teen land is shaving “slits” into your eyebrows? Thank god we have BuzzFeed on all the hottest trends. Except there’s a few problems. For starters, they aren’t called ...