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Books That You’ll Never Read On Designers You’ll Never Pay Full Price For

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 5:05pm

A book like this one will really set off your at home workspace. If you guys are anybody, you have even the tiniest nook in your apartment that you’ve designated a “workspace.” It consists of a desk with a bunch of struggle ...


Designer Clothes Aren’t Any Better For The Environment

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 4:42pm

One of the bigger strikes against fast fashion companies, aside from the terrible labor conditions and low quality of the items, is that they’re destroying the environment. A big aspect of designer clothing for some people is that because of ...


Getting High In A College Classmate’s Land Rover

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 4:16pm

This is a Polo shirt that you could probably get at your struggle mall. But you should buy it from Oi Polloi because they’ll probably fold it up nicely and wrap it in some nice paper. Plus, everyone in your ...


Very Nice And Very Reasonable

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 3:34pm

Epaulet just came through with a very nice, very reasonably priced take on the luxe GAT that is pretty much ubiquitous at this point. For $225, you get a shoe handmade in Portugal with glove leather lining, Italian calfskin and ...


Enlightened Post-Apocalyptic Warlord

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 2:54pm

Check out this shirt from Undercover. It’s very futuristic in the way that every post-apocalyptic movie makes future clothing styles look super old Western and old-timey. I feel like if the world almost ended, everyone would be wearing, like, Starter ...


Stone Island Fall/Winter 2015 Is Something Crazy

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 2:26pm

You either love or hate Stone Island. A lot of people dislike it for the association it has with soccer hooligans, while others point to the insanely intricate and unique dyeing processes the company has mastered. I went to go see ...

dries the talks

Dries Van Noten Drops More Knowledge Darts

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 1:54pm

Gotta love Dries, man. A few days after doing a nice interview with Vestoj, he pops up again, this time with The Talks. This is from a couple days ago, but anytime Dries shows up for an interview, we’re contractually ...


Geller Greatness

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 12:59pm

Jesus christ, you guys. Robert Geller really did it with this one. Goodness gracious, it’s throwing me off so much that I’m thinking like I’m Foghorn Leghorn or something. Now, I say, who here is responsible for this unwarranted attack on ...


Alexander McQueen Could Grace New British Currency

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 11:43am

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Franklin—they’re all historically influential products of the United States and their faces are all emblazoned on our country’s currency for that very reason, though Jackson’s time may be ...

kyvetos leadd

A Conversation With Chris Kyvetos, Founder Of Sneakerboy

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 11:06am

Inside the best high-end sneaker spot on the planet. ...