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Stóffa’s New Outerwear Is Butter

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 4:20pm

As you may or may not be aware, Stóffa got its start in the world of high-quality hats. Now, the brand has a bit of a footing and has moved into the more expansive arena of outerwear (and trousers too, ...


Porter Classic Fall/Winter 2015 Is A Heavyweight

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 3:41pm

Porter Classic isn’t an offshoot of famous Japanese brand Porter, but it kinda is at the same time. You see, Yoshida & Co., which has brought us the Porter we know and love, had been around since 1935 and one ...


Cheaper Than A MacBook

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 3:08pm

Another day, another Stephen Schneider banger. The coat pictured here has got it all: removable knit-lined hood, perfect cut and drape, even a (slightly) easy to digest sub G bar price. I feel like if a garment is cheaper than ...

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Vladimir Putin Wears $1,400 Sweatpants While “Working Out”

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 2:36pm

This video has been making some rounds in the past couple of days and Complex Sneakers jumped in to point out that Russia’s Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, may be a sneakerhead considering he’s wearing Nike Air Max 90s and a ...


Thirsty Maneuvers

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 2:07pm

I think I like the round, even price of this Camoshita coat almost as much as the coat itself. $1500 for the coat isn’t a small amount of money by any stretch of the imagination, but for whatever reason, $1500 ...


Umit Benan Talks Design Philosophy And How He Casts Unexpected Models

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 1:30pm

By all accounts, Umit Benan is a pretty cool dude and one of the more “real” designers working today. His clothes carry a very distinct and occasionally peculiar look to them and his somewhat brash nature comes as a refreshing ...


Thoughtful Touches

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 12:52pm

This anorak from Arpenteur is dope because it’s made from 100% wool. Normally, you see anoraks in this style made from cotton or nylon blends. All of this means that you can wear this anorak deep into the winter and ...


Monkey Time Fall/Winter 2015 Does The Damn Thing

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 12:24pm

Monkey Time, which is an imprint of Beauty & Youth, which is itself an imprint of United Arrows, really did the damn thing with F/W 15. This is firmly in the style that the zeitgeist wants right now: layered tops, ...


Getting Got By Your Girl

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 12:02pm

I like these Diadora N9000 Doubles despite never knowing quite how many zeros go in the name primarily because they feature two of the three colors that comprise, like, 99.8% of my wardrobe: gray and green. Whenever my girl remarks ...


Stüssy Fall/Winter 2015 Is Your Older Brother

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 11:41am

I was sort of raised on Stüssy. One of my older brothers wore it a lot and continues to wear it every so often, even in his adult life. And now that it seems that everyone has finally come around ...