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DRxFairEnds Is One Of A Kind

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 4:20pm

FairEnds just sent over a bunch of shots of their latest collection, a collaborative series with DRx. Darren Romanelli and FairEnds reworked a bunch of sourced material from vintage Levi’s, Nike Destroyer jackets, work pants and military jackets to make ...

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Completely Washed Steez

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 4:02pm

You guys probably hate when I pick out ancient ass Nike models as something you should consider spending your hard-earned money on. The only ancient Nike you guys fuck with are Jordans, but that’s cool, more geriatric Nikes like these ...


Upstate Dudes

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 3:32pm

Dana Lee makes clothing for dudes who own houses upstate. Like, they always drive a weird, random European coupe or a super old American jeep or truck up north on the weekends and post Instagram shots of wood floors and ...


Spelling Bee Champ, Young Legend and Burgeoning Swaglord, Gokul Venkatachalam, Talks Sneakers

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 3:07pm

If you weren’t paying attention to the National Spelling Bee last night, it surely came across your Twitter feed that the eventual co-champion, Gokul Venkatachalam, was wearing a pair of Air Jordan XIs as he rode off into the sunset ...

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A Prolonged Matrix Phase

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 2:41pm

Natural Selection makes this long shirt with a hidden placket and seam pockets that give it kind of a formal look. Ironically enough, if you wear this shirt to a formal function like a wedding, the actually process of natural ...

obama exclusives

The Jordans Obama Got Before Anyone Else

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 2:09pm

Remember a few weeks back when President Obama visited the Nike campus to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership that has caused quite the stir since? Well, as another part of the trip, the leader of the free world also received ...


Google And Levi’s Want To Turn Your Clothes Into A Touchscreen

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 1:45pm

Smarter people than you or are are gathered for Google I/O where today Google unveiled a project that it has been working on with Levi’s that is going to turn any basic textile fabric you wear into a touchscreen. The ...


Club Monaco’s Low-Key Strategy

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 1:22pm

WWD talked to Club Monaco’s CEO John Mehas this week in an effort to explore the brand’s growth and evolution. It’s no secret that Club Monaco has turned itself into a go-to. The brand has become a well-rounded fashion machine, catering ...


Noah x Union Tees Will Make You A True Man

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 12:22pm

With the imminent relaunch of Noah and pop-up shop in collaboration with Union Los Angeles, Brendon Babenzien’s new line and the iconic LA-based shop teamed up for a couple of T-shirts. They’re simple, basic, minimal and have phrases on them ...


Double Fisting Inhalers

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 12:06pm

I have seen no garment lately more wavy than this Sacai seersucker bomber. I would have never fucking thought to put seersucker on a bomber jacket, but that’s why Sacai is a great brand and I just write about them ...