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Block Parties That Don’t Take Up The Whole Block

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 3:38pm

Old-ass band and music recording artists t-shirts are making a fucking comeback. Haven’t you read my fashion week diary yet? Which is why you should probably just go ahead and purchase this Stussy Low End Theory t-shirt. I don’t want ...

trump hat

Donald Trump’s Incredible “Make America Great Again” Hat Can Be Yours

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 2:22pm

We don’t dip into politics all that often. Typically it involves some political statement made by a model, or some legislation that will affect the way you cop grails online. Sometimes we imagine the political world leaders if they wore some fire jawnz or ...


The Empty Existence That Is Life

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 2:09pm

This EG field shirt is made from herringbone cotton twill which means it’s got a nice texture and an interesting subtle pattern. Not that any of that matters to you. What should matter is that you can wear this jacket, ...

hermes belts

$3 Million Worth Of Counterfeit Hermes Belts Seized In Los Angeles

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 1:41pm

There is just something about Hermès apparently. The brand has the most coveted handbag and even the most luxurious ashtrays. Now, out in L.A. over $3 million worth of Hermes belts were seized in a counterfeiting operation, according to WWD. We love a ...

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Deluxe Fall/Winter 2015 Is Worth Knowing

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 1:14pm

Deluxe’s F/W 15 looks just got sent into my inbox and god damn if all these looks don’t remind me of that kid we all know, but don’t really know, at college. Like, you have classes with him, see him ...

lorde inc

Get A Look At The First-Ever Non-White Modeling Agency

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 12:47pm

Yesterday, The Guardian profiled Lorde Inc. a modeling agency for black and non-black people of color. In a piece Lorde’s founder Nafisa Kaptownwala wrote for Space Matters, she explores her motivation for founding the modeling agency: It’s important to know ...

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LONGJOURNEY Spring/Summer 2016 Takes Flight

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 12:10pm

Looking over LONGJOURNEY’s S/S 16 collection yesterday, cofounder Alex Carapetian tells me that it takes a lot of inspiration from the film Empire Of The Sun. Much of the movie centers on the planes flown during World War II and considering that ...

hermes ashtray 2

New York Man Has $2,000 Hermes Ashtray (And $10,000) Stolen After Night Out With Woman

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 11:28am

What would ruin your night more? Finding out the woman you just spent the night out drinking with stole $10,000 off you or the fact that she took your $2,000 Hermès ashtray? Considering that’s a conundrum none of us will ever have ...

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Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Fall/Winter 2015 Is A Sure Shot

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 10:54am

This collection from Bedwin literally takes its inspiration from the 1994 Beastie Boys album Ill Communication. I sincerely hope you’ve listened to that album because it is god damn great. I’m not even the biggest Beastie Boys fan, but from the ...


Jackets That Look Like Shirts

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 10:31am

Jackets that look like shirts are extremely my jam. Jackets that look like shirts only they’re made from fabrics that jackets should never be made of are even more so my jam. Scandinavian flamethrowers Our Legacy have been on a rampage ...