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birks repair

He Repairs Birkenstocks And Business Is Booming

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Tue, 09.01.15 at 1:08pm

Here is what I know about cobblers: They’re crazy in the best way possible. Every little stitch and detail, they’re on top of it. On that note, The New York Times Magazine has a short profile on Tom Lonergan, a ...

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.32.15 PM

Stand Up For Your Sneaker Choices

Written by
Tue, 09.01.15 at 12:39pm

I don’t even know if these NSW Archive 83.Ms are even new to the market, I just know that they feature, like, every color I like on sneakers. It’s also just so happens to be one of my favorite Nike ...

acne campaign

Acne Taps Its Designer’s Own Son For Women’s Ad Campaign And It’s Fire

Written by
Tue, 09.01.15 at 12:19pm

Gender-bending is no unexplored territory for Acne, but the homie Jonny Johansson went off the grid with this one, choosing to promote Acne’s F/W 15 womenswear with his own 12-year-old son Frasse as the model. Maybe you’ve missed the memo ...


The Arrivals “Fall 2.0″ Is Very Advanced

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Tue, 09.01.15 at 11:23am

The Arrivals always impresses and the team over there just sent over a look at their new batch of product that dropped today. They’re calling it “Fall 2.0,” I assume because it’s a very advanced version of fall outerwear that ...

90s back

’90s Styles Are Back Because Of…Math?

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Tue, 09.01.15 at 10:49am

There’s been a whole lot of discussion around ’90s-inspired styles becoming the go-to reference point for many designers today. They say fashion is cyclical, but do we really know why it actually is? Vogue says it is essentially all because of ...

nigel face mask

You Just Never Know

Written by
Mon, 08.31.15 at 5:21pm

Whoa check out this full face beanie visor made by Fred Perry and Nigel Cabourn. You probably won’t ever encounter weather inclement enough to justify wearing a winter hat like this but you never know. Sure, everyone on the planet ...


Looking Dope Is All The Warmth We Need

Written by
Mon, 08.31.15 at 4:40pm

These are my new favorite Huaraches. Remember, like, maybe a year ago when everyone you knew had a pair of Huaraches? I don’t know what happened but I feel like everyone I know who wore Huaraches then, doesn’t really wear ...

Kanye 2020

Kanye West Presidential Merch Is Already Available

Written by
Mon, 08.31.15 at 3:53pm

Damn, that was quick. Less than 24 hours after announcing his future campaign, folks have already started to take advantage of the Kanye West 2020 journey. Brought to our attention by Yahoo Style, you can see all the essential campaign fixings ...


Crucial Hip Pockets

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Mon, 08.31.15 at 3:38pm

I really really like this Tim Coppens sweatshirt. I love that little hip pocket. It just seems so convenient and useful. Like, throw your MetroCard in there, maybe an emergency $10 bill. Way back when I was in high school ...


Denim Jackets You Can’t Afford

Written by
Mon, 08.31.15 at 3:06pm

This denim jacket is just casual and distressed enough to work as your new favorite layering piece. I would wear this with sized-up Hanes tees and a bunch of expensive beaded necklaces made from precious stones and just really nice ...