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Removable Pockets? Yes, Removable Pockets

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Wed, 05.20.15 at 10:09am

You guys ever sit in your cubicle, open desk plan, office, lecture hall or library and think to yourself, “I wonder what parka Jon would buy if I gave him exactly 467 British Pounds to spend?’ Well, it would probably ...


Gangster Turned Fugitive Turned Model/Rapper Arrested During Fake Photoshoot

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 5:25pm

I’m gonna attempt to disseminate this story as best I can, but there are a lot of moving parts, so bear with me. The Telegraph reports that Ben Fiberesima aka Roky Million was arrested after police set up a fake ...


Japan’s New Guard Isn’t Anything Like The Old

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 5:01pm

The Independent is onto us and our love for the world of burgeoning Japanese designers. In a new essay, it explores the new guard of Japanese brands that we know and love. No, not the Yohjis and Kawakubos of the ...


How Shit Works Around These Parts

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 3:53pm

I write about a Vetra work jacket every fucking time one pops up on my computer screen. That’s just how shit works around these parts. And I don’t give a fuck if you guys are tired of seeing the exact ...


A Conversation With Brendon Babenzien, Former Supreme Design Director, On Relaunching Noah

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 2:51pm

5 years later, the cult classic returns. ...



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Tue, 05.19.15 at 1:48pm

I fucking love this C.E. cagoule. This is some futuristic shit right here. Like, public transportation is ubiquitous even here in Detroit, but the environment is all fucked up and unpredictable and technological advancements have made aging a choice instead ...

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Alternate Reality High School

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 1:32pm

I don’t know about you guys, but I had to wear a uniform in high school. It was actually more of a somewhat strict dress code since we could wear kind of whatever we wanted as long as it was ...


Fresh Dressed, A Documentary About Hip-Hop Fashion, Comes Out This June

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 1:18pm

Hip-hop and fashion really could not be anymore intertwined than they are today, but they’ve been tightly knit for a long time and now there’s a documentary that chronicles the changing tastes in fashion and hip-hop. Produced by Nas, Fresh Dressed is ...


Aimé Leon Dore Drops Pre-Fall Collection

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 12:25pm

Last weekend, Teddy Santis and Aimé Leon Dore dropped a super simple and clean Puma collaboration perfect for subtle summer stunting. Now, the brand just updated its website with their latest proper offering, a pre-fall collection of 20 pieces. Complete ...


There Is No Place For Happiness On The Timeline

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 11:56am

We don’t usually post up editorials, but typically make an exception for Nepenthes because they speak to us on different level, a plane of existence where we share happy things on the timeline instead of our pains and misgivings. The ...