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Adidas By Kolor Track Pants Work Equally Well For Hip-Hop Entourage Members And Astronauts

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 2:16pm

These Adidas by Kolor track/space pants are next level. I love the zippered, foil accents on the back heels. Shit reminds me of the lunar rover. I would wear these pants if I was in a hip-hop entourage. Like, I’d ...


Christopher Bastin Is Leaving Gant

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 1:39pm

WWD reported this morning that Gant creative director Christopher Bastin will be leaving his post at the company where he’s worked for 10 years. You might not have been interested in style or menswear when Gant made a huge comeback ...


You Can Now Buy Kanye’s Favorite Haider Ackermann Sweatshirts

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 1:20pm

Are you guys tired of dressing exactly like Kanye yet? Maybe you’ve graduated to just taking style cues from him and looking down your noses at other dudes who are wack enough to wholesale copy his style? Either way, the ...

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Rick Owens Just Sent Models Carrying Other Models Down The Runway

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 12:56pm

Rick Owens fashion shows are….something. They’re occasionally prone to controversy—he’s sent exposed dicks down the runway, used step dancers, had a predominantly white cast wear durags and even punched a model, granted that was after he was the one that caused ...


27 Ways “27 Ways To Be A Modern Man” Is Complete And Utter Bullshit

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 12:45pm

I honestly don’t know what was going on at The New York Times for this bullshit op-ed, “27 Ways to Be a Modern Man,” to have been printed. I think the only thing more tired in the canon of “Men’s ...


NEEDS/WANTS Fall/Winter 2015 Matches Your Mood

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 12:08pm

Varsity jacket connoisseur NEEDS/WANTS comes back with another dope batch for F/W 15. And nothing says “FALL IS HERE, MOTHERFUCKERS” like a varsity jacket. It must be all the football or back to school. Regardless, the new collection features a ...


This Our Legacy Shirt Coat Is The Definition Of Perfection

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 11:47am

I’m a big fan of this Our Legacy shirt coat. It’s just…perfect. I know that perfection is technically an ideal that can never be attained, but just look at this fucking garment. It’s a great length. It’s in god’s own ...

beard transplants

Modern Medicine Has Made The Beard Transplant Possible

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 11:24am

It’s getting closer to winter and we all know that the actual final layer on your fit is a nice swath of facial hair. Unfortunately, for the genetically lacking among us, not every man can grow a formidable beard. It’s ...


Someone Took The Time To Point Out All The “Flaws” In Yeezy Season 2

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 10:46am

Yeezy Season 2 has been the subject of plenty of ridicule for its oversized and distressed look and the first collection caught plenty of flak for its exorbitant prices. That’s no secret. But someone actually went a step further and ...


Be An 18th Century Trapper In This Engineered Garments Coat

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Wed, 09.30.15 at 5:28pm

FUCK, this EG Mackinaw coat was definitely designed with me in mind. Definitely just me. First, I’m from Michigan and Michigan has a city called Mackinac. Second, it’s made with ripstop and, like I’ve said roughly 1738 times, ripstop is ...