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Maybe Our Moms Were Right All Along

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 12:59pm

I fucking love these Nike Free Socfly sneakers. Sure, they look like those swim shoes our moms made us wear at the pool, but you know what? Maybe our moms were right all along and we need to stop being ...


The Latest Sneaker Unboxer Just Changed The Game

Written by
Tue, 04.21.15 at 12:47pm

Brad Hall is the newest in a wave of YouTube sneaker unboxers and reviewers, and let me tell you this, he is already a fucking legend. He’s about to take this shit over for real. To be honest, this is ...

uniqlo lead

Uniqlo Adds Sneakers To Its Arsenal

Written by
Tue, 04.21.15 at 12:12pm

The day has finally come, fam. You can now literally wear Uniqlo from head to toe. The Japanese brand just dropped a set of basic canvas sneakers in both slip-on and lace-up varieties. Okay, nothing overly monumental here, but for ...


We Never Accepted You To Begin With

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 11:38am

If there are soft spots in the vaunted Four Pins-specific taste level, they are most definitely long shirts and noragi-inspired garments. Like, we constantly run the daily risk of becoming the Encyclopedia Noragi-a of menswear blogs. And while Lemaire calls ...

macys department stores

The Grim Future Of Department Stores

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Tue, 04.21.15 at 10:52am

I remember the good ol’ days of back-to-school shopping. My mom and I would make, like, two or three stops around our local shopping center to stock up on all the necessary gear, from school supplies to clothing. The school ...



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Mon, 04.20.15 at 4:47pm

I’M BRINGING FANNY PACKS *JT voice*. I’m on that tired dad on an extended vacation with his family swag. He’s saved up and planned an overseas vacation, most likely bringing along an elderly family member, a few nieces and nephews ...


What Exactly Happened To Karmaloop?

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Mon, 04.20.15 at 4:21pm

The ongoing struggles of Karmaloop have been well-documented, from initial reports that the company was filing for bankruptcy to the speculation that Kanye and Damon Dash would be straight up buying the company. The Boston Globe, who has been on the beat ...


It’s Gonna Be A Long Week

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Mon, 04.20.15 at 3:31pm

This Our Legacy chambray has that locker loop thing on the back that preppy motherfuckers always wrote about back on their WordPress blogs. I remember reading somewhere that they got cut off when the guy “was taken.” At my very ...


nonnative Teases Fall/Winter 2015 Because They Don’t Care About Your Finances

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Mon, 04.20.15 at 3:10pm

We just had our first actual day of hot temperatures. It was, like, 75 degrees on Saturday and I wanted to fucking kill myself the entire time I was outside, which was, admittedly, only 5 minutes. While it is hard ...


Everyone Got Interviewed Today, Including Daiki Suzuki

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Mon, 04.20.15 at 2:35pm

While you guys were busy reading interviews with Tom Ford, Riccardo Tisci and Kanye West (who basically interviewed himself lol), Oi Polloi dropped a quick little conversation with Daiki Suzuki. Obviously, I’m down to read a few lines from the ...