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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Buy $1,500+ “Hip-Hop-Themed” Clutches

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Tue, 07.28.15 at 11:14am

I feel like at this point making fun of Gwyneth Paltrow and her hilariously named lifestyle publication Goop is such low hanging fruit that no one is really allowed to actively make fun of it anymore—all we can do is ...


Take A Trip Inside Brunello Cucinelli’s Utopian Village

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Tue, 07.28.15 at 10:42am

We love Brunello with a large portion of our hearts. His product, ethics and ethos are all extremely laudable. Like, for real, he’s easily one of the best dudes in the industry. He’s also a huge proponent of work-life balance, ...

hudson kroenig

The Perks Of Being Karl Lagerfeld’s 7-Year-Old Godson

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 5:06pm

Earlier this year, The New York Times Magazine profiled one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite muses/models, Brad Kroenig. It was an incredibly in-depth profile on a golden retriever of a man that a lot of the world had not yet heard of, detailing ...


No, Hender Scheme Is NOT Getting Sued By Everyone, Thankfully

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 4:00pm

Hender Scheme is a brand that sort of turned from mere lore into a certified legend extremely quick. I remember seeing the original Air Force 1 homages and not thinking that they actually existed. Then, I saw someone wearing them ...


Not Like Those Other Guys

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 3:38pm

You guys are probably too young to remember this, but back in, like, 2010, all your favorite menswear personalities were into quilted jackets HEAVY. But now everyone acts like all the stuff we were into five years ago just never ...

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Palmiers Du Mal Is Coziness Defined

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 3:04pm

Palmiers du Mal is your new express train to cozy town. The brand, fronted by Shane Fonner and Brandon Capps, who have worked with Maison Kitsune and Billy Reid respectively, is bursting at the seams with cashmere and assorted knit blends ...


For The Love Of All That Is Sacred And Holy

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 2:06pm

Check out this Thom Browne crewneck with the crucial button side seam vents and the Fair Isle turtle and whale arm band. I suppose that could be a tortoise in the print, but I’m not Charles fucking Darwin out here. ...


Delaware Police Seek Bank Robber Wearing Ugly Sweater

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 1:14pm

Remember the “Well-Dressed Bandit” from a couple of months back? Well, dude has some competition in this Delaware serial bank robber who, according to NBC Philadelphia, has pulled off three separate heists in the past three months in the surrounding ...


Velva Sheen Spring/Summer 2016 Won’t Shorten Your Lifespan

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 1:01pm

Velva Sheen sent over their very first lookbook featuring their three sub-lines: White, Yellow, and Blue label. Honestly, I wish I could tuck my T-shirts in, but I enjoy things like ice cream and iced coffees with condensed milk and ...


SURPRISE: TOMS Are Not Only Utterly Swagless, But They Don’t Really Help Anyone Either

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 12:39pm

If there ever was an excuse to purchase a pair of utterly swagless TOMS, it’s because you’d like to stroke your ego a bit and tell yourself that you’re helping out the poor and shoeless by providing them with a ...