Pandemonium At The Nike + R.T. Release

As streetwear and high fashion have become basically one in the same, no one has been more instrumental to this merger than Givenchy's Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci. His iconic graphic T-shirts and street sensibilities have put himself and Givenchy at the forefront of the fashion industry, so when his Air Force 1 footwear collaboration with Nike was announced, we knew nothing short of sheer pandemonium would ensue on release day. In anticipation of the chaos, we headed to downtown New York to check out the scene at both SoHo retail outlets: the holy sneaker temple that is Nike Sportswear's 21 Mercer outpost, and the 3-days-only pop-up shop dedicated to Nike + R.T. located at 151 Wooster Street. As expected, the scene was nothing short of a frenzy—another extremely successful Nike collaboration in the books.

  • TheBinder


  • Deaunte Shugart

    thatd be me if i had money

  • Joost

    Where are all the Asians at?

    • Nerd

      239 of them are in the indian ocean around 250 miles south of perth

      • Joost

        how soon is too soon?

        • Nerd

          until the black box stops pinging 30 days


  • mynameisjohn

    that could be us but you playin’

  • kingleeroi

    i can’t wait until all these hypebeasts turn super old and reflect back on some of the things they copped


    That little hypebeast tho.

  • p

    grown men clamoring for sneakers like a bunch of lames
    this type of behavior is akin to 30+ year olds playing videogames

    • Theo

      *looks down at PS4 controller and Jordan’s that were camped for*