What Percentage Of People Buying Supreme’s Travis Bickle Tees Haven’t Seen Taxi Driver?

When Supreme opened its doors 20 years ago, little did they know that they would one day evolve into one of the most important streetwear labels of all time. In celebration of the occasion, this Thursday, the brand is set to release two of its most iconic T-shirts: the Travis Bickle T-shirt (the first product ever released by the store) and the classic box logo style. Both represent the humble, yet powerful roots Supreme started with in '94, as well as serve as a way in which to reflect on just how far they've come. Both will also sell out way too fast to people who weren't even born in 1994 or, worse, haven't seen Taxi Driver.

  • Bazooka Joe

    not gonna lie. I jizzed a little when I saw these pictures.

  • cody

    any drop date?

    • connor

      This thursday at 11:02

  • Ralph

    Any price yet?

  • WAVY

    You’re a funny guy. But looks aren’t everything.

  • Samuel

    And you (Jake Woolf) are most probably going to cop one too, even though you haven’t watched the damned movie.. (Takes one to know one brush)

  • Jerry Ramirez

    About the same percentage of people sportin’ a skater brand that don’t skate.