Pharrell Officially Joins Team Adidas

While it's been teased for a minute, Pharrell's deal with sneaker giant Adidas is now hella official. As far as the actual pieces that will be featured in the collection, we've already seen a few, from the black leather track jackets Pharrell's sported at various functions to these all red sneaker boot things.

One thing is for certain, this shit is gonna sell all the way the fuck out. Personally, I think Pharrell's steez can be a bit off the reservation and misguided at times, even if his influence with shit like trucker hats and hip-hop skater streetwear is unquestionable. Plus, he's basically the Quincy Jones of our time and the world's greatest living producer, so I'm not gonna sit here and nitpick the fit of his jeans or whatever.

The only question left to answer at this point is who Adidas will sign next? Their virtually unstoppable roster now includes: Pharrell, Kanye, Nigo, Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Jeremy Scott, Mark McNairy, Yohji Yamamoto and, unofficially, A$AP Rocky. Talk about a fucking roster. Adidas x Young Thug leopard print dresses on deck? Don't scoff. At this point, anything can happen.

  • London Calling

    You’d put Pharrell higher than ‘Ye as far as producing goes?

    • Jake Woolf

      Not even a competition.

      Rock Your Body
      Slave 4 U
      Hollaback Girl
      Hot In Herre
      Drop It Like Its Hot

      Like, Cmon…

      • London Calling

        Oh, for sure. Pharrell’s got beats; the guy’s incredible. But Devil In A Blue Dress, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Two Words, Comfortable, Never Let Me Down, Jesus Walks, Down and Out, I mean… sheesh! It’s not so easy to determine who the better producer is (for me, anyway).

        BTW-In relation to the article yesterday re: the Vogue cover, I’d say Pharrell is just as influential in terms of style tho.

      • Geof

        [clapping hands emoji]

  • nerd-182

    Adidas is gunning for Nike right now. Makin power moves with all these signings. Stoked to see what comes of them.

  • Razzledazzle

    2014 is the year of Adidas

  • Rillz

    that leather jacket is boss. Anyone know where to find it?

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    pharrell dresses like a bonafide fuccboi now this line finna be basic as hell

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow


  • Austin

    Yall shoot me an email when I can cop the black jacket. Catch me on my cafe racer with that addidas jacket a white tee and some regular ass dark denim. Dat humble stunt is heavy