The Phillip Lim Remind Them That It’s Fashion Week

THE PHILLIP LIM REMIND THEM THAT IT’S FASHION WEEK. Damn though, Phil really crushed it with this look. (Do you guys think Phillip Lim's friends call him Phil? Like, there's this one kid he was friends with in 5th grade who stills call him Phil and embarrasses him in front of all his fashion friends?) CALL ME JONATHAN. I'M SOPHISTICATED NOW, YOU SONS OF BITCHES. I was a little skeptical about this whole shirt tail sewn into the bottoms of french terry sweatshirts, but, like I already made clear, this shit looks dope as fuck the more I look at it. I can't wait 'til strug lord bloggers start trying to DIY this shit. YOU WON’T DO IT BETTER THAN PHIL OR ANY PROFESSIONAL FOR THAT MATTER.

  • JohnDon

    That shit is fuckin’ dope!

  • 7th grad swagless

    the high-fashion equivalent of those aeropostale graphic tees with the long-sleeves sowed in underneath (so it looked like layering). knew that shit was wackk in middle school, it’s still wack now

  • Duece

    Fuck the sweatshirt-t, but those sweatpants are legit and may be actually attainable.

  • Vaughn

    Its like the pants that have the sagging boxers sewn into them, like Jason Biggs wore on LOSER

  • mikeylab

    cheaper to layer the stuff that i already have

  • theneedledrap

    strong 7 to a light 8