Phillip Lim’s Summer Style Tips

Since his eponymous label 3.1 Phillip Lim launched in 2005, Phillip Lim has been one of menswear's, and on a greater scale, fashion's, most exciting designers. The recipient of the CFDA Emerging Talent Award in 2007, Lim has proven himself as a designer with a genuinely unique vision. We'll level with you though, we used to be so caught up in classic men's tailoring that it wasn't until recently that we were fully ready to appreciate his progressive, sometimes avant garde aesthetic. But now that we've given his work the time it deserves, we're fully on board with his forward thinking modern takes that always seem to possess a high-end and equally casual quality. While his namesake collection continues to push boundaries, his upcoming collection with Target (images above) is a reflection on the essentials of day-to-day life: T-shirts, sweatpants, cardigans and, sure, a motorcycle jacket for good measure. It's clear that in Lim's everyday life comfort is king, but we were also curious to know what other tips Lim had for remaining stylish as the summer unfortunately winds down.

  • queb

    Sounds like this “Target” place is pretty cool and I should spend my money there!

  • huiche7


  • Fooleo

    not so cleverly disguised ad for his target collection, eh?

  • brinebombs

    everything here looks very high-end, where2kop?

  • Ronnie

    Lim’s Fashion Tips: Buy My SH!T.

  • NLongsfeld

    Shit on the collection if you want, but it’s nice to see fashunz trickle-down to the masses, so that people in the fly-over states (me being one of them) don’t have to keep seeing oversized t-shirts, baggy cargo shorts, and Crocs.