Pigalle Fall/Winter 2014 Does Whatever It Wants

Pigalle's hoodies and tees have earned them notoriety in the world of fashion, but true industry insiders (lol) know that Stephane Ashpool's talents are far more varied than basic geometry printed on Gildan blanks. For F/W 14, Pigalle looked to the Roaring '20s in both its Jazz and gangster scenes, updated with metallic finishes and almost too rare silhouettes. Desert boots are categorically some of the most swagless shoes on the planet, but in the context of Ashpool's hyper-stylized world, they have a newfound character and elegance. Now, of course, most of these pieces will never, ever be available for purchase in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate Pigalle as a brand that is truly doing whatever the fuck it wants, while always finding a way to make its message, whatever that may be at the particular moment, seem genuine and interesting without sacrificing any style whatsoever.

4 Responses to “Pigalle Fall/Winter 2014 Does Whatever It Wants”

  1. :/

    don’t come for desert boots when you wasted 200k on a parsons education and now youre a blogger?

  2. fuccyouraunty

    pigalle fuckin trash. negated ever since i seen a box logo tee in person. fuck off

  3. Guillaume

    Pigalle is the mother’s business, look her up and you’ll find how the business ever managed to get any attention. The son is a music festival producer consulting in Japan. He should remain to his primary experience, this guy doesn’t know whatsoever about fashion.

  4. Guest

    Yeah say what you like bros but they got the connect. Check out Mr Hare of Mr Hare front and centre in the hat looking like a #steezyhobo in front of the kid in the green suit. This was a fucking sick presentation.


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