Pitchfork’s Office Style: A Review

The Wall Street Journal is my manna from heaven. They just posted an article featuring the office stylings of Pitchfork. AYO PITCHFORK, THE FIRST RULE OF NOT GETTING YOUR FACE SLANDERED IS YOU DON’T LET PEOPLE SEE MAD PICTURES OF YOU LOOKING AWKWARD PEPPERED WITH QUOTES LIKE, “I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR A SUIT EVERY DAY IF I COULD, BUT IT WOULD LOOK AWKWARD.” You are a music critic. Your whole life is probably awkward. Wearing a suit isn't going to change shit.

I have to admit something, I never really read Pitchfork. I just always heard people talking about it and I got so good at pretending I had seen something on Pitchfork that I never had to look at it. Then I got an email from the boss telling me to check this out. So, I peeped a few Pitchfork reviews for "research purposes" and was fucking overwhelmed. WE DON’T NEED FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAYS ON MAC MILLER, PITCHFORK. EVER. ALSO, WHO THE FUCK IS MAC MILLER? Pitchfork  staffers, I salute you on your sheer mastery of production. If I had to write reviews this involved I’d file one a year, maybe. You guys must be walking thesauruses (thesauri?). Alright, let's dive into my highly-respected by white people review of Pitchfork’s office style.

  • GhostFaceKnitter

    This article is really good, may I suggest you guys do more outfit rating.. perhaps of celebrities? Or other offices? Maybe even the four pins office, that would sure have you lose a couple friends (if you’re being brutally honest like you were here)

    • Barack Obama

      Why celebs? There´s an over-inflated world out there of “what-celebs-wear”-bullshit. Do interesting people instead

      • GhostFaceKnitter

        I just said celebs because their wardrobe choices are the easiest to access, it’s not as if you can go online and consistently find the daily sartorial choices of pitchfork writers

    • http://twitter.com/jiandeleon Jian

      the four pins office is more like a sweatshop. except with blog posts instead of garments.

  • booboobb

    that dude with the dog is THE most awkward guy ever. he also helped make the video that put chief keef in jail

  • Tubby

    Great article. Lmao the fucking “founder” look. Perfect!!!

  • http://IsthisMenswear.com/ Is this Menswear.com

    “You are a music critic. Your whole life is probably awkward. Wearing a suit isn’t going to change shit.” hahahaahahhaha