A Pocket Tee With A Pocket On Its Pocket

These double pocket T-shirts have chest pockets with pockets. That’s a lot of pockets for one T-shirt. I don’t know why I like pocket T-shirts so much. I don’t keep anything in the pockets, ever. Do you? Let’s open the comments up on this one. What do you guys keep in the pocket of your pocket tee? Two dollar bills? Sunglasses? Weed? Do people smoke weed in amounts small enough to fit in a pocket tee’s pocket? How many times can I write pocket in one paragraph?

  • Swanger

    I’ve never had a pocket on a tee big enough for anything more than a small pack of smokes.

  • http://thekacar.com/ Mustafa Kacar

    Sunglasses if the pocket it deep enough or even my money clip. Anything more would look too bulky in my opinion.

  • A ninja

    Ninja stars

  • Sjoerd Krijnen

    I have one very fancy pocket tee from linnen. Wish I could put my sunglasses in there, but the pocket is way too floppy. The problems I have to deal with…

  • Dope Holdings

    Always a pack of cigs, with maybe a joint or two inside.

  • james

    s/o not using the inevitable xzibit joke in here