More Pockets Than A Steve Harvey Collection Suit Has Buttons

This EG Expedition Jacket is fucking exquisite. Ripstop poplin is the fabric for S/S, my dudes. Plus, this thing has more pockets than a Steve Harvey Collection suit has buttons. The two back pockets? I LOVE YOU, DAIKI. I want this jacket really badly if your couldn't already tell. YOU HEAR ME, OI POLLOI? I WANT THIS JACKET SO BADLY I WOULD INSTAGRAM, LIKE, FIFTY PHOTOS OF ME IN IT DOING AWESOME THINGS LIKE COPPING BRUNCH, FLAT WHITES AND STANDING IN FRONT OF MODERN ART, ALL OF WHICH WOULD BE HASHTAGGED FIRST AND FOREMOST #OIPOLLOI. Hit me on the Four Pins Free Jawnz Line. Shit's toll free.

  • fuccyouraunty

    way too many fucking pockets on one shirt. because having 10 pockets on the front of your shirt is a little overboard

    • kingleeroi

      u just aint bout that lyfe