The Pop Up Flea Comes To Detroit

Can you believe I've never ever been to a Pop Up Flea? And now, the PUF is coming to Detroit. That's right, I don't come to the Pop Up Flea, the Pop Up Flea comes to me. Next year Pitti Uomo's coming to Detroit. Don't believe me? Just watch. Instead of giving out free Marvis toothpaste and the setting being a centuries old fortress, they'll give out hubcaps and the setting will be an old industrial space that someone from New York bought for, like, $7.99 and a half-eaten bag of Funyuns.

Despite all the snark, I'm actually excited that the PUF is coming to the D. Y'all motherfuckers should roll through June 7th and 8th. You gotta go both days because you'll need at least two encounters to develop a relationship with the vendors in the hopes of getting free swag at some point in the future. Plus, there might be free beer there. This is big because NO ONE GIVES AWAY FREE BEER AT EVENTS IN DETROIT. Also, roll thru 'cause you might see me floating around my natural environment. Say "what's up" and we'll rap squat in front of the cold pressed juice booth. Get the ginger one—shit's magic.

  • add de stad

    The only reason i want to go to Detroit now. ( and the record stores and the nike store)

  • Nick Grant

    jon watch ur back cuz its “powered by Shinola” and they probably have a price on ur head jus sayin cuz i love u stay safe

    • jon

      Don’t worry rolling thru with a deep crew. I only make Detroit appearances like 50 circa 2001-bulletproof vests and what not.

  • dunkkid23

    Yo, I’ll be there.

  • Michele D’Agnillo

    Señor Moy,

    All my life it has been my dream to attend an Ivy League University. From the time my grandfather first taught me to wipe my ass, I have been unshakeable in my belief that this was my destiny. The certainty of this notion was of a nearly “a priori” nature: intrinsically bound to my intellectual paradigm. Now, as my senior year of high school enters its twilight, I find myself rejected by the very establishments which have become integral to the structure of my personal integrity. So you see, Señor Moy, I have nothing left. Nothing, but the desire to write some stuff for Four Pins.

    All I ask is a chance, Señor Moy, to prove myself. Charge me with composing a piece on tight-baggy pants, or Hender Scheme toe rings, or whatever other shit the internet tells me is cool.

    Alternatively, I’ll say hey if I see you when I come through the Pop up Flea on Sunday and we can talk about pooping in those fucking tunic things dudes are wearing nowadays.


    Michele D’Agnillo

    • Nerd

      michelle followin her dreams. good on u girl