Pop Up Flea Street Style

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • NP10

    1,5,7,11,19, 23, are all decently on point.

    S/O to 22 for wearing his gf’s xxs t-shirt with no regrets
    24 is still stuck in his 2012 fuccboi ways

  • Nerd

    #9 has fallen asleep in the middle of the road someone wake that homie up

    • Nerd

      if he is just really asian then i apologise

  • Dillon

    19 is the only guy dressed well

  • AF

    Blue sneakers (Nike?) in #4?

    • Mr.Murrayifyournasty

      Seersucker airmax’s… Nike dropped them a few summers ago in blue and white as well as red and white color way. The gumsole murders

    • BZLC

      Nike Mayfly Woven QS.

      • AF

        dope, much obliged

  • Ciao

    most of these wasn’t that well dressed to be honest.

    Nothing bad, but mehh.. Looks like the average joes almost

  • Miles Green

    dude lookin like kung lao in #29

  • Unai

    Most of them look very standard…
    14’s airmax are dope

  • coolmarketingguy

    Oh sick, colourful sneakers.

  • trapseed

    2/3 of these people look like fucking dorks


    Dude killing it in the button up and khaki combo in #27.

  • ???

    #6 looks tight because he also looks like he is smoking crack

    • Observato

      He is!


    #3 Is that Lawrence’s long-lost, denim-obsessed brother!!??

  • asd

    as wack as i realize it is to ask, what streets and places are these photographers usually at?

  • London Calling

    Anyone know the make of the suede boots in slide #23?

    • WagA

      I need these too

  • Sure

    Once more, Terrible Shoot!