The Most Popular Fashion Brands In The World Right Now

Have you ever had an argument with someone and both of your arguments were at least semi-plausible and instead of just Googling that shit to see who was right you both just argued interminably to the point of alienating everyone else in your immediate vicinity? Well, at one point I’m sure you’ve at least debated the most popular fashion brands in the world, right? No? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU ARGUE ABOUT? THE DEBT CEILING AND HEALTHCARE REFORM? GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT, NERD.

Generally, lists like “The Top 1064 Brands in the World” are indelibly marked with the writers’ and editors’ personal biases. BUT NO MORE. Your boys at Four Pins decided that if you’re gonna have a dick measuring contest, you best just pull out a ruler instead of arguing about the idiosyncratic merits of individual wieners. But how do you measure the popularity of completely disparate brands? Did you not read the first paragraph of this intro? C'mon son, there’s barely a second paragraph in anything I write. Do me a fucking solid for once. Oh, right, GOOGLE TRENDS, BITCHES. What is Google Trends? Well, it’s a free service that allows you to compare two search terms to see which word is Googled more. Obviously, with any statistical metric like this there will still be some drawbacks. For example, we couldn’t include brands like Public School because obviously there is a metric fuckton of concerned parents Googling "public school" in an effort to make sure their shitty kids get the best education property tax can buy. And, like, you already know Celine Dion fans be disproportionately gassing up Phoebe Philo. Regardless, none of you can claim personal bias on this one and that's the entire point. I SWEAR TO YAHWEH, BUDDHA AND JUNYA WATANABE THAT IF YOU COMMENT “HOW IS ____ BRAND NUMBER 15? THEIR SHIT SUCKS,” I WILL TELEPORT THROUGH YOUR SHITTY DSL/CABLE MODEM INTO YOUR SHITTY APARTMENT AND BREAK YOUR SHITTY LAPTOP BECAUSE THIS LIST ISN’T ABOUT THE RELATIVE MERITS/QUALITY OF THESE BRANDS. It's about which brands are the most searched about on Google in an effort to deduce worldwide interest amongst the consuming masses. And when you think about it, that shit is kind of profound, if we do say so ourselves.

  • asd

    best list you’ve ever made! Such great comments on every brand.

  • Is this

    Great work!!!!

  • Heisenberg

    Christian Louboutin mens shoes are like 0,001% of what they sell.

    As all other high-end brands they thrive on selling perfume, handbags and shoes for bitches.

  • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)

    Clueless reference in Saint Laurent. Boom.

  • Fernando Silva López

    I like how every brand goes up and down and up and down around december every year.



  • Luchini

    H&M is dope for kids stuff though.
    3 pairs of unbranded sweats for $8 that are just gonna get chocolate milk and boogers on them? Done. My 2-year old loves that shit (aka my wallet loves that shit).

  • WAVY

    Micheal Kors makes shitty gold watches indeed. Ironically enough, your bros at Complex just listed one TODAY as one of the best watches under 500$:

    Someone please stand up from your desk (or take a flight in your case Jon) and backhand slap Matthew Henson for making yall look like you hustle backwards­.

  • James Branley

    The only part I disagree with is vans. We all know people aren’t always googling the brand when they look up vans.

  • James Branley

    The only part I disagree with is vans. We all know people aren’t always googling the brand when they look up vans.

  • Mat

    ASOS sell pretty much most the brands around these days.

  • Dagoat Man

    well versace’s not gonna sell mesh bodysuits with a dick pouch for WOMEN, now are they?

  • air_jarnold

    ASOS is at the top of the strugwear game

  • A.

    How can you write about fashion and comment high-end fashion brands when you obviously don’t know anything about fashion?

    • Dale Finn

      ok, I’ll sum it up quickly. you’re not a golfer.

  • Danielle

    KTZ (Kokon To Zai), HBA (Hood By Air), Boy London, Chromat, Joy Rich, etc 😉