Why Does Porter Yoshida Kaban Sound So Familiar?

Oooooh, Mr. Porter just sent me an email that was like, "Mr. Moy, we'd like to introduce you to a new designer—Porter Yoshida Kaban." Hahaha, I’m just kidding. They don’t send me emails anymore because the only time I bought something from them it was when they first launched and hooked ya boy up with a preview discount code. What did I buy, you ask? TWO PAIRS OF CASHMERE SOCKS. They came in a really, really nice box and shit too. Anyways, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Why does Porter Yoshida Kaban sound so familiar?" Well, that’s because Yoshida is the parent company of Head Porter, BYoshida and more aka THEY MAKE DOPE ASS BAGS.

  • Yes

    The backpack is totally dope, but I really don’t understand that “tactical” tote.

    • Michele D’Agnillo

      Standard issue for the Pitti militia.