Pray 4 Us

Is this the most Four Pins beanie of all time? Probably. Part of me kind of feels all, "What have we done?" when I look at this, but the other part of me feels a sense of elation for knowing that people are now using "alphet" in their product copy. So, shouts to us on for having that rare, tangible #influence in these IRL streets. Plus, you really can't have enough praying hands shit in your life, trad style, emoji style or otherwise. I mean, even Moy is legit considering a prayings hands tattoo, but he also smokes Newports so make of that what you will (most likely a "SMFH" if we're being honest).



  • Class A Rando

    Most coppable headgear since the Ebbet’s Hashtag hat

  • Joba

    You didn’t invent alphet, dumbass. I wrote that on urban dictionary in 2007.


      story checks out

  • fuck instagram

    death to prayer hands