Pretending To Like Both Soccer And Skateboarding At Once!

The World Cup is happening soon, which means everyone gets to pretend like soccer is fun for a few weeks, so that's nice. Your asshole "true soccer fan" friends who watches Premier League games on their laptop and goes to MLS games are going to be pissed at your temporary interest in the world's most popular (read: boring) sport, but whatever, fuck them because they definitely don't have one of these cool Adidas Skateboaring T-shirts, each of which is made with a separate skate company and honors a different country. In the mix are Benny Fairfax with Palace for England, Lucas Puig with Cliche for France, Mark Gonzales with Krooked for the USA, Rodrigo TX with DGK for Brazil, Lem Villemin with Cliche for Germany and Raul Navarro with Western Edition for Spain. Now you can rep two things you don't really like outside of aesthetic reasons at once! Now that's efficiency.

  • obh


  • four pins dot com tho

    just on this planet to accessorize other interests besides “alphets” (lol get it im in on this joke) r boring and dumb 2 me idk

  • billy

    worlds most boring sport coming from a guy with a pointless blog and article lol

  • debo

    author is dumb as shit. wish i could punch you in the throat you yank asshole.