Price Per Piece Of Flair

OMG guyz did hear about Visvim’s new drop? You did? Your RSS reader is basically a trade journal at this point, isn’t it? Well, fuck you guys anyways because I love writing about Visvim. Why? Because this shit is awesome. And awesomely expensive. Like look at the shirt with the crazy details at the hem. They’re like adorable little prayer flags hanging just above your dick. Be careful though, those tiny pieces of flair cost at least $45 apiece. And please don’t ask your mom to sew sweat-stained bandanna scraps onto that Gitman Bros. shirt you found on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I mean, It's NOT EVEN GITMAN BROS. VINTAGE.

  • angelo spagnolo

    Lol RSS reader. Moy who are you writing for, your friends at the old folks home?

  • Jake Woolf

    Moy — visvim is never capitalized. because, shit just looks cooler and more nonchalant and “designed” that way, am i right? fuck capital letters.

    • lawrences

      Hip-hop police.

      • Jake Woolf

        Just my training at work — muscle memory at this point.

  • Tucker

    Everyone who comments on this site tries desperately to emulate the writers’ styles. The blatant plea for recognition is nauseating.