The Pros And Cons Of Leading A Minimal Life

Hi, guess what, I know you. For example, after Kanye called himself a minimalist in a rapper’s body you were like, "Hohoheyynow maybe that’s something worth exploring." And that's totally cool because he wears visvim and we all idolize people who wear what we covet, but can’t afford. So, you purged your closet, looked at every lamp in your apartment (2? 2. 2!) with haughty disdain because it isn’t a Corbusier and told your girlfriend to lose a couple el-bees (shame on you, Pengrove). But before you change your eBay username to "______!" (that's six underscores for those of you keeping score at home) and peddle everything that isn’t minimalist enough, let’s share some air re: whether you’re making a huge fucking mistake. See, I’ve been trying out this minimalist cooking thing for a week and I’m inching toward anaphylactic shock. First up, the pros of going minimal...

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • GEB

    Well done Rick Moranis!

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    my favorite four pins writer

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    it is your not you’re

  • David

    This was most excellent because I like it.

  • Tony

    wow slide 4 i just got drape regret on something that came in today. four-pins, hitting home. pulling heart strings.

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    Good stuff Rick.