Free Kendrick

Ever since Kendrick name dropped Cortez's on "Control" everyone has been acting like they've been about that life when they know damn well they haven't. Dude, don't act like you didn't pass up the chance for Cortez's every single time you went to Foot Locker with your mom. You opted for Sambas or Gazelles or some ridiculous Nike shoe that had was host to a whole bunch of shitty colors. Just admit it so we can all move on. Cool. Moving on. Now there are these new Cortez NM QS sneakers that have a fresh, almost Free-looking sole and a 3M tongue, so you can prove once and for all that you and Kendrick Lamar see eye to eye. I don't know why the 3M is necessary here, but let's still put that one in the "Reasons To Cop" column because useless technology is always appreciated.

6 Responses to “Free Kendrick”


    These are fucking hideous. I hope everyone wearing these steps in human shit.

  2. Noah Dillon

    These are the cleanest drop since the mayfly’s/inneva woven’s/and the wolf grey flyknit

  3. POhyo

    that reflective thing in the front is horrible, fuck kendrik, long live forrest gump, the true cortez OG


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