Been Proxied

Remember a little while back how everyone was trying to make Tevas cool? Yeah, well, I’ve been seeing a lot of fanny packs lately and I’m not gonna front, when I was a little kid I had a fanny pack. But it was a next level fanny pack. See, my uncle traveled to Korea a bunch because he worked in the auto industry and evidently had to fly to Korea a lot for business. So, he brought us back these sick trapper keeper things and fanny packs. That’s right, I WAS GETTING SHIT PROXIED FROM ASIA BACK IN THE EARLY NINETIES, SON. You know how you get everyone to like your new expensive fanny pack? Don’t wear it like a fanny pack. Wear it across your body, over one shoulder. That shit will still look kinda lame, but not as lame as have a pouch bouncing directly above your wiener. South 2 West 8—who makes this hella luxe fanny pack—is a Nepenthes brand, so if you don’t like this fanny pack you have bad taste.

2 Responses to “Been Proxied”

  1. FilleyOfSole

    South2West8 makes quality bags. Got one from Tres Bien last Christmas and couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. TheConnoisseur

    Daiki did some fanny packs in his EG line years ago, so it was only a matter of time till we saw South2 West8 ones I guess. I quite like them.


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