Public School Spring/Summer 2014 Has One Very Important Aspect: Flavor

What can I say about Public School that I haven't already said in many a prior post? We love these dudes. The CFDA loves these dudes. These dudes' moms love these dudes. And for good reason. Their clothing is straight up FLAVOR—a theme they continued for S/S 14. The collection featured lots of asymmetry and, as you probably know, asymmetry is always better than basic bitch symmetry. HAHA. LOOK AT THIS BONER, PERFECTLY MIRRORED ON BOTH SIDE OF HIS BODY. Despite any shape-based incongruity, Public School brought their signature clean line precision, crafting a collection we can all collectively lose our shit over. Oh, and the pants were great as were their new Jordan XII-inspired shoes. NEED THOSE FOR SURE.

  • The Atlas

    those sneaker/derby shoes holy shit

  • Triller

    So who thinks this actually looks good? For real looks like some 7 year old put these outfits together.