Pulled Back In

"FuckWithTheseYouKnowICopIt"! WTAPS has gone ballistic and collaborated with Vans to deliver a true banger variation on the classic Sk8 Hi. Perfectly blending suede and canvas, we could spend hours discussing how this collabo effectively fuses more inspirations thank you can shake a deck at. Damn these fucking brands for inspiring a life of paralyzing indecision! Designer collaborations, thou maketh me a sinner! I have tried to stay the righteous path of Goodyear welted monks, but the dark navy temptations buttery soft suede is almost too much to resist. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

  • OliveK

    Too bad Kanye wore these and are probably going to be the most hyped Vans ever.

    • Bucky Goldstein

      It’s ok doe, Kanye West is really a fictional character played by Lawrence so we’re good. Internet famous jewish guy playing a IRL famous black guy… who’s old jews and old rules now?