Questionable Still Lifes

Guys, I can’t tell if I like this Carven sweatshirt or not. At times it vibes heavy your-mom-made-it-for-your-sister's-6th-grade-picture-day. And other times it vibes heavy you-would-wear-this-to-a-cool-party-where-SoSuperSam-is-DJing-and-there-are-a-bunch-of-Illuminati-present-and-there-are-hot-models-pretending-to-tend-bar. All other things being equal, I guess I'd wear this questionable still life and hashtag my dope fit #hungoverstyles. 14 LIKES HERE I COME.

  • Still Dat Life

    You can’t be a pleeb and pull this off, simple as that.
    This sort of thing makes you snicker if spotted at a vintage shop.
    However, where this to an exclusive party with hot tail and at least a couple euro/japanese/hip hop dudes and it might be acceptable.

  • fuccyouraunty


  • Matt

    This review clinches the arbitrariness of the fashion world